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We specialize in highly unique, ultra rare and one of a kind Persian coat colors. If you are one of those people that crave originality in life, you have arrived at the right website. We offer an array of designer patterns synchronized with elaborate custom colors. The majority of our kittens are like a one of a kind Picasso painting. We hope you enjoy your visit to our furry purry art gallery.

White Persian Information

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White Persian Kitten Information

For those in search of a “White Teacup Persian Kitten” we highly encourage you to read the article below before making a purchase or joining our VIP list!

You simply could not imagine how many request we receive for a “White Teacup Persian Kitten”. The amount of e-mails that floor our inbox can be overwhelming. As you may or may not have noticed, we do not have white Persian kittens available too often. The reason for this is multifaceted. We would like to shed some light on the many reasons why and to give our potential clients a truer understanding of the white Persian kittens and the amount of work that goes into breeding, raising, and owning one.  Our hope is to better inform you so that you can make an educated purchase instead of being disappointed, especially when purchasing from other breeders who do market solid whites as “tiny teacups”.

At the start of our breeding program it was our goal to produce petite size kittens. As we introduced white bloodlines and continuously bred them with our own small Persians we eventually came to the conclusion that White Persians were some of the largest breeders we had within our program. Yet, we continued to work diligently and figured that all good things take time and experience.

However, one thing became quite clear, much of a kitten’s expected adult weight correlated with their coat color genetics. The absolute smallest kittens are silver and gold; because of this fact these two coat colors became wildly popular with our clients. We are now approaching 3 decades of breeding and know without a shadow of a doubt- White Persian cats have the LARGEST bone structure of all of the other color categories. Lord knows that we have tried to bred their size smaller! Knowing this, it is disheartening to see so many come to us and request a tiny white kitten. Much like humans, some may have a larger or smaller bone structure depending on the genetic background.

The larger size of the white Persians present yet another issue. The c-section is much higher due to the larger sized kittens. Moms often go into distress trying to bring her litter into the world, especially if the kittens are larger than the average size at birth. In some cases she is unable to do this on her own and an emergency c-section is necessary in order to save both mom and her litter. This also means, our solid white adult females are often retired quicker than any other color.

Aside from the bigger size, grooming became the second issue. For those that know us, we practically LIVE in our grooming rooms! Between face washes, butt baths on smaller kittens just learning to potty train, de-shedding, and the full blown bath and blow dry sessions, we know practically everything there is to know about Persian grooming and keeping our kittens in top notch shape. Despite our highly professional grooming set up chalk full of every product under the sun, it takes a tremendous amount of work and effort to keep a those white coats in pristine condition. They have a tendency to dull, stain, and yellow without weekly baths and professional tools. We understand that for our customers, this is not always an option. The high maintenance nature of whites make them less appealing, even for us!

The third issue surrounding these kittens is the deaf gene. Over 75% of white kittens carry the deaf gene. While it is endearing to help the “underdog” so to speak, it is extremely dangerous for a pet to be deaf and the constant worry pet moms and dads have. We have found that our customers much prefer that their kitten’s hearing be fully intact when spending their hard earned money. In the even that your darling kitten escape outside the lack of hearing puts them in even greater danger. This also goes for accidents within the home.

For these many reasons we do not produce very many white Persian kittens per year. When we do have white kittens available, please note that they will likely not be of “teacup” or “toy” size as adults, but instead of average Persian size. 

If you are in search of a light colored kitten, but have decided a white might not be the right fit for you…

We highly suggest checking out our Silver Persian Kittens page for available kittens. Silvers are one of the smallest in size of any of the coat color categories and often times are confused with solid white kittens.




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