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Due to our popularity we are often a target for scammers who steal content, pictures, and designs to fool unaware customers.If you see ads or other websites using our copyrighted content please notify us.We are located in Northern Missouri only.

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All deposits are taken in good faith and are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE so please be sure you are serious about purchasing a kitten from us.


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Living Art
We specialize in highly unique, ultra rare and one of a kind Persian coat colors. If you are one of those people that crave originality in life, you have arrived at the right website. We offer an array of designer patterns synchronized with elaborate custom colors. The majority of our kittens are like a one of a kind Picasso painting. We hope you enjoy your visit to our furry purry art gallery.
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Persian Kittens for Sale – Himalayan Kittens for Sale – Teacup Kittens – Exotic Shorthair

Luxury Persian Kittens for Sale – The world’s most beautiful and highly desired cats!

Pre-Loved Persian Kittens for Sale

High-end Persian kittens for those who prefer the finer luxuries in life

Luxury Doll Face Persian Kittens ~

The most trusted name in the industry since 1989 

“Often imitated NEVER duplicated”

DNA Tested PKD Negative Cattery

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 True “Doll-Face Persian Kitten Lines” are sold on this website only. 


Only 2 shipping days left until Christmas!


Welcome to our substantial website where we primarily cater to the opulent feline audience that prefers a professional, long-standing and honest establishment in which to choose their new furry family member from.

We have focused our nearly three decades in business on pristine health so distinctive, that it illuminates in the eyes of our kittens and throughout their elegant glossy coats. Our cattery’s motto is “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. You may find kittens cheaper on the Internet, but you will never find happier, healthier or better-socialized than on this website.

Without a doubt, we take our surrogate parental role of your newest family member very seriously. And think our number of years in business, factored with the glow of confidence, A+ personalities, and the sheer elegance that beams in each of our kittens’ photos displayed on our website reflect our passion. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website which is updated twice daily for customer convenience. Get ready to rest your eyes on some of the most ultra-rare Persian Kittens in the world! We also specialize in Exotic Shorthair Persian Kittens, Himalayan Kittens, Rug Hugger Persians and Persian Fold Kittens in a rainbow of colors. Designer classic Persian Kittens in a rainbow of colors! www.luxurypersians.com 

Experience Matters – Who We Are

Take comfort in our 29 years of dedicated experience to perfecting these precious furbabies to the absolute finest felines humanly possible! Our family has poured our hearts and souls into this cattery from early mornings, late nights to sleepless nights. We kids grew up surrounded by a wonderfluff of pur~bodies. We learned responsibility, respect and the circle of life at an early age. The older we got, the more knowledge we absorbed. All us kids knew how to deliver a breech baby by 8 years old! LOL!
Growing up with them and watching the tremendous amount of effort that went into a cattery that stays open for longer than a few years made us appreciate true devotion.
My sisters and I watched how many lives this cattery touched, not the famous cats or the ones that brought the spotlight to our cattery but the ones who touched the heroes of our country. The ones who helped heal damaged hearts after a dreadful divorce or the loss of a child. These cats became bandages for hurting hearts, they became joyful gifts for 30 years of marriage, for a wife who had always dreamed of having a Persian kitten.
With so many people who would literally play around with breeding for a couple years then disappear, we would look at how we bleached out food and water dishes daily. We bathe all our kittens weekly starting at 4 weeks old, the adults get bathed monthly. Floors so clean you could eat off them!
All the cats and kittens always stay up to date on their vaccinations and dewormers, all receive topical flea preventative monthly, all tested negative for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), all breeders have been DNA tested for PKD. The mommy kitties dine on Royal Canin Queen (a food specially developed for pregnant and nursing cats.) And the list goes on and on.
Therefore it’s easy to see how my sisters and I became braided into the furry fabric to continue the faithful journey of keeping Doll Faced Persian Kittens thriving so people would have a highly respected and trustworthy cattery that they knew had been in business the test of time and would continue to flourish because we power on love, not curiosity, greed or adventure.

Availability Status Definitions 

Currently Available – Available

Sale Pending – We are speaking to someone about the purchase of that kitten but no money has been placed.

Reserved – The kitten has a 48-hour holding deposit placed on he or she. 

Sold – The kitten is paid in full and no longer available.

Non-refundable deposits are $200 and hold your kitten for a period of 48 hours. Full balance is due by the end of the 48 hour time period.

Prices are subject to change without notice, the only way to lock in the current price is by placing a deposit. Sorry, we do not hold kittens without a deposit.

The cattery that proves angels ARE among us!

Contact Us - 660-292-2222 or 660-292-1126

Luxury Doll Face Kittens – www.luxurypersians.com

Let OUR pride and passion for perfecting this breed be YOUR piece of mind!

Navigating Our Website

To the left, you will find our color categories highlighted in green colored tabs. Click any tab to view kittens of that color category. To the right, we feature a selection of currently available kittens. Simply click any kitten’s thumbnail photo to find out more. Each kitten has his or her own page where we showcase a variety of up to date professional photos and give you a description of that kitten’s unique and loving personality. We have also provided our potential customers with the date of birth, gender, estimated adult size, and the price of each kitten.

Some things you see with your eyes, others you see with your heart.

Persian Kittens for Sale - Himalayan Kittens for Sale - Teacup Persian Kittens

Persian Kittens for Sale

The process of purchasing a kitten(s)
Step 1 – Visit our available kitten’s pages and narrow it down to the kitten you are most interested in adding to your family.
Step 2 – Fill out the online kitten application, noting which kitten or kittens you are wanting. This online form allows you to tell us about the type of home you have to offer.
Step 3 – Place a security deposit on the kitten of your choice. This is done by the payment button in the lower left-hand corner of our website. Simply enter the kitten’s nursery name and click “pay now.” Please note this amount is non-refundable and will be taken off the full purchase price. 
Step 4 – Once we receive your application and security deposit we will be in touch shortly. We will most likely give you a call to answer any questions you may have about the kitten or process of getting him or her into your arms!
VIP Waiting List

For those customers that desire variety, we have a vast color selection available in both the traditional long hair and exotic short hair variety. We also breed several hybrids including the “Eternal Kitten“, our famous Rug Huggers.  Only those VIP customers on our paid deposit & VIP waiting list are able to view these kittens ranging from 4 weeks to 6 weeks of age. If you would like a special sneak peek and the first chance to purchase one our beautiful Persian kittens please join our VIP & paid deposit waiting list. Most of our kittens are purchased by our VIP customers before they make their debut here on our primary website. 

At 6-8 weeks of age, kittens will be assessed and we will decide which ones (if any) that we will keep back as future breeders. At this point, prices will be placed on these kittens and they will appear here for everyone to view and purchase. Kittens will be offered to those on our paid deposit waiting list first.
Again, if you would like to join those previewing our new kitten please join our waiting list HERE.
We specialize in not only in the rarest coat colors in the world, but also the angelic Toy & Teacup sized kittens and the highly sought after Exotic Shorthair Persians, Persian Folds & Rug Hugger Persians; deemed the world’s smallest cats via the Guinness Book of World Records!

Teacup Kittens - American Doll Face Kittens - Persian Kittens for Sale

About Our Kittens

What is a Teacup Persian Kitten?

A Teacup Persian kitten is a miniature or toy version of the glorious and very popular Persian cat breed. These tiny teacup Persian cats are big on purr-sonality, and are as healthy and beautiful as their larger counterparts. Teacup Persian kittens come in all of the standard Persian colors, including white, silver, silver shaded, golden, tabby, calico, black, and tuxedo. Teacup Persian kittens are rare, and as such, command a much higher price due to their being a very precious “cat commodity.”


Our hybrid Rughugger Kittens and Persian Fold Kittens are often known as “Luxury Hybrids” because of their designer appearance which has been heart and handcrafted into some of the most highly sought after cats requested on our website. These posh designer hybrids have been diligently downsized over the years and feature a wide variety of colors. The darling Rug Hugger Persian cat has rightfully earned it’s iconic title “The Eternal Kitten” since its legs never grow over 3″ tall,  whereas the precious Persian-Fold has been deemed “The Comedian Cat” due to its floppy eared and hoot owl-eyed appearance. 

If you are ready to add one of our sweeties to your home, please fill out our Online Kitten Application form to apply for a kitten. If you have any questions for us, we will be happy to speak with you – just give us a call at (660) 292-2222. Persian Kittens at their finest!

~Join our joyful endeavor to spread love and fuzz around the land~


Classic Persian Kittens

Clearly, Doll Face kittens are healthier and better looking (we think!) version of the Persian, Himalayan, and Exotic Shorthair cat breeds. Rather than having the extreme “pushed in” facial structure that selective breeding among fanciers has created, Doll Face kittens have a much more normal appearing face – the natural and traditional facial structure for these gorgeous felines. There are many benefits to the doll-face type of Persian, Himalayan, and Exotic Shorthair cat. They are MUCH healthier! Peke-faced cats can suffer from such ailments as tear duct problems which cause constant eye discharge and is associated with coat discoloration. Second, they can experience breathing difficulties such as shortness of breath, brought on by the brachycephalic (pushed in) facial structure.

Extreme faced cats can also suffer from serious malformations of the eyelids, causing damage to the eyes and great discomfort and distress to the kitty. Finally, Peke-faced cats can be prone to birthing problems, with a higher incidence of difficult labor and stillbirths. So, if the sheer beauty and cuteness factor isn’t enough reason to choose a doll-face kitten, surely the health and well-being of your kitten should seal the deal!

Pre-Loved Persian Kittens For Sale

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Don’t settle for imitations, it could cost you thousands and a broken heart in the long run. Let our 29 years of dedicated service be your peace of mind.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for breeding animals with known health issues and or diseased animals regardless of how pretty their offspring is. We value our customer’s heartfelt decision to add a new furry family member into their lives more than we do the almighty dollar.
Rest assured you are in good hands with your heart when purchasing one of our kittens. Our 29 years in business speaks for itself.

FYI – Updated photos always result in the kitten’s price going up.
This policy is put in place due to numerous non-serious inquiries in the past.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
The ONLY way to lock in the current price is to place a deposit or pay for the kitten in full.
We update photos on our own time schedule and without prior notice, once taken and uploaded to the world wide web the price will go up.

Placing a security deposit is the ONLY way to hold/secure a kitten.
The deposit amount of $200 will hold your kitten for a period of 48 hours.

Our kittens are priced on three contributing factors:
1.) Color
2.) Facial Structure
3.) Our willingness to keep them back as a future breeder.

Additional Photos:  Due to a continuous stream of “window shoppers” requesting more & more photos with no intent to purchase, we now charge for updated photographs. Updated photos of each kitten are available for purchase. The charge for this service depends on the age and size of the kitten. Photos of kittens 12 weeks and younger are available for an additional $350. Updated photos for kittens 12 + weeks of age are $500. Our updated photo service includes a complete grooming session and new up to date pictures of the kitten. Please allow 72 hours for the updated photos to appear. A video clip of the kitten is $400.  (((Please be advised, these charges do not come off the price of the kitten’s price.)))

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