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Living Art
We specialize in highly unique, ultra rare and one of a kind Persian coat colors. If you are one of those people that crave originality in life, you have arrived at the right website. We offer an array of designer patterns synchronized with elaborate custom colors. The majority of our kittens are like one of a kind Picasso paintings. We hope you enjoy your visit to our furry purry art gallery.

Persian Cat Kitten Advice – Links to Purchase

 Persian cat and kitten advice, tips, links and FAQ’s

Persian Cat Care and Expert Advice from a Persian Cat Breeder with 3 decades of experience!!

As years have turned into decades, we have slowly become Persian feline specialists with tested and true advice for those of you with various databases of questions regarding the needs and concerns of Persian and Himalayan cats.

This page features your questions and our experienced answers as well as the direct links to the products we recommend for your convenience to purchase the exact items we use. We order most of our kitty items directly from Amazon since they always have such fresh products and we know it can be quite confusing when you get to the store and so many of the brands have similar looking labels.

If you have any questions that are not listed on this page please feel free to email them to us and we will be happy to answer them and add them to this page so others can also benefit.   

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Question: What type of kitten food do you feed at your cattery?

Answer: We feed Nutro Wholesome Essentials Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Kitten Food to our fur-babies.


Nutro Kitten Food

Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes Cat Flakes

We sprinkle bonito flakes on our kitty’s which greatly helps with shedding.

Bonito Flakes

Click bag to order



INABA Chura Lickable Puree Natural Cat Treats

Churu Treats

Click jar to order


These are very nutritional cat treats that all of our kitties just love!!!

Halo Liv-A-Littles Protein Treats – Click jar below to order.


Question: Is there any certain type of water dish your kitties prefer?

Answer: Well, we have both the traditional water dishes and the more modern drinking fountains available for them and see that the kitties tend to use both equally. Any of the Pet Rageous dishes are awesome! Perfect size for food!

Cat Food Water Wish

Petkit Smart Pet Water Fountain

Everyone loves freshwater, including your pet. This 2-liter Petkit water fountain features a 3-stage carbon filtration system and a LED blue light reminder that automatically lights up when water thresholds dip below certain levels. It’s engineered to remove noises due to splashing and has a smart function that automatically turns off when not in use to save energy. Best of all, your pet can lop up clean, filtered water whenever the mood strikes.

Petkit Smart Pet Water Fountain


Question: What type of kitty litter do you use?

Answer: We use Tidy Cats Instant Action Unscented Non-Clumping Clay Cat Litter. We have it delivered from Chewy.com (Please do NOT change your kitten’s kitty litter for at least the first two months after bringing them home.)

Purina Tidy Cat Litter

Tidy Cats Instant Action Unscented Non-Clumping Clay Cat Litter


Question: What type of litter pan do you use?

Answer: There again we (well our kitties….LOL) have tried and tested TONS of litter pans and found that one stands out to be the best of the best and that one is the Van Ness Large Litter Box.
We bleach our litter pans daily and these pans never seem to wear out, they are built to last & last!!


Our all-time favorite litter scooper!!!!!

Antimicrobial Litter Scooper!

Question: What are the best types of scratching posts, carpet or sisal rope?

Answer: Well, we try and teach our cats NOT to scratch the rugs and carpet, so it is best to get the sisal scratcher posts, that way you are not confusing your cat. Our personal favorite is the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post. Click the picture of it below to be directed to the page where you can purchase this exact cat scratcher post.


Sisal Scratching Post for Cats


Question: How do you keep your cat’s coats looking so good?

Answer: Well, regardless if you have a long or shorthair Persian there are a few grooming tools you need to invest in to keep them in tip-top shape and looking like the ones you see on our website. If shedding is a concern, let go of that worry and get this amazing tool below. It is our go-to gadget in the grooming salon to remove the undercoat, which is what creates the shedding issues.

Les Poochs Finishing Brush – Small (Deshedder brush)

Les Poochs Finishing Brush – Small

Click here to purchase


Question: Is there a product you recommend for stress?

Answer: Yes, there sure is!:)

It’s called Rescue Remedy, and it is a natural stress relief agent for cats & kittens.

Bach Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is a natural stress relief agent for cats & kittens.

Whether it is an approaching thunderstorm, a trip to the vet, or merely a weekend alone, loss of a companion, separation anxiety, pets of all shapes and sizes can and do experience stress at some time in their lives. Help relieve their symptoms with Bach Rescue Remedy specially formulated for pets.

The preferred method for administering the Rescue Remedy is putting it directly in the cat’s mouth. It can be administered by simply putting a few drops under their tongue or rubbed onto the cat’s teeth and gums using your finger.

We sometimes dilute a few drops of Rescue Remedy in their drinking water or use a spray bottle to spray it on their fur, preferably the tail since they lick their tail often. 



Question? What are some of their favorite cat toys that they play with the most there in the nursery?

Answer: Well, lord knows we have tried almost every cat toy known to man and some just come of out the box and lay there while others get played with until they fall apart and have to be replaced. Here are some of the kitties absolute ALL TIME favorite cat toys that really stand up to several years of playing from multiple cats. This first one is called SmartKat Electronic Motion Hot Pursuit, many of you have seen it in several of our cat videos clips and asked us what it was and where we got it. The cats absolutely LOVE IT! We have to actually shut it off and put it away or they will not stop playing with it!!! **haha**

SmartyKat Electronic Motion Cat Toy

Zenes Interactive Butterfly Rotating Cat Toy

Butterfly Cat Toy

Robotic Cat Toy, 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball, USB Charging, Spinning LED Light

Zenes Interactive Butterfly Rotating Cat Toy

Kitten Teether Sticks/ Natural Dental Chew Toy & Toothbrush Stick


Edible Catnip Balls


Question: How do I introduce a new kitten to my older cat?

Answer: We get this question a lot and believe it or not it’s not as hard as you think. Put the new kitten in a pet taxi/carrier and sit, he or she in front of your older cat. This way they can see and smell one another without really being “in contact.” Do this several times a day for the first couple days and then when you sense they are ready for contact to open the carrier and allow them to sniff one another. You may still have a little arching of the older cats back and or a hiss or two, but that will fade in no time. Soon they will be snuggling up together, and you will wonder how they ever lived without each other.

Question: Do you have a favorite cat/kitten shampoo?

Answer: Well, we actually have a few that we really like. One of our all-time favorites is called “Earthbath 2-in-1 Conditioning Cat Shampoo”, it is all-natural in case you accidentally get it in kitty’s eyes AND it keeps kitty smelling absolutely wonderful for soooo long!


Another one of our all-time favorite kitten shampoos is Espree Kitten Shampoo – EXTRA gentle for baby kittens!

Question: What is the best comb for Persians and Himalayans?

Answer: I think we have tried every pet comb and brush ever made so we know a lot about grooming tools. Number one, do not attempt to own a long-haired cat without a Safari Cat Shedding Comb!!! It is a Must Have! 


Your other basic (but MUST HAVE) comb is a steel comb, the best one we have ever found is the Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb.

Now for KITTEN hairbrushes, we love the Li’l Pals brushes since they have a rubber tip that protects a kitten’s gentle skin/coat, plus it is next to impossible to find kitten size hairbrushes!;)


Question: What is the best product to clean their eyes with?

Answer: There are three very popular eye care products specifically formulated and marketed for Persians eye care. All three are safe, gentle, and effective; specifically created to remove unwanted tear stains from your cat’s coat.

The first one is “SPA” by Tropiclean, this fantastic cleanser is a permanent fixture in our grooming salon! LOVE IT!!!


Next, we have our beloved “Eye Envy” we have been using the 2 step Eye Envy for as long as I can remember. The amazing whitening powder actually helps repels tears to keep the area dry and to prevent the regrowth of tear stain-causing bacteria!!! Just an all-around awesome kit!!


And here is a different approach to tackling tear stains! “Angel Eyes” is a palatable chicken-flavored powder that can be added to food or water. It starts working even before tear stains can begin!;)

Remember…..ALWAYS give kitty a few treats after a grooming session. The type we use here and have had great success with is “Temptations”. We have never had one kitty, not like this brand!!;) 

Question: Is there one thing that you recommend that EVERY kitty should have?

Answer: YES! Absolutely!!! EVERY SINGLE kitty should have a kitty tower, a place to call their own in your home. Now don’t get me wrong, one will work for multiple cats, it’s just that it is so important that they have one so they know it’s their own personal space to hang out and relax. They love them so much and spend hours swinging around and being goofy on them.  We have linked to some of the towers we have in the nursery that many of you have asked about.


We also have several cat condo’s scattered around our home for the kitties and they LOVE THEM!!! They are so cozy and give kitty a quiet and dim place to take those much-needed cat naps.

Cat Condo


Question: What is a “furb”?

Answer: Haha! Oh, that’s a good one! Okay, as everyone knows, we call our kittens “fur-babies” so the nickname that is Furbs. So when we say we are off to check on the furbs or we have a new litter of furbs, you will know what we’re talking about!! 🙂

Question: How much is it to ship a kitten?

Pampered hand delivery service to your nearest International Airport – $700

We do NOT allow our kittens to leave before they are 10 weeks old and 2 lbs. We do not ship to Canada.

Question: Where are you located? 

Answer: We are located in Unionville, Missouri.


Wintertime Re-homing Tips


Wintertime re-homing is harder on the fur babies so please help keep stress to a minimum. Do not change their diet or type of litter. Keep plenty of warm blankets in the pet carrier when transferring kitty outdoors. We recommend using the ThermaPet Cat Mat inside the carrier, this unique mat is specially designed to radiate your pet’s body heat back to them without electricity. Its durable construction withstands clawing and chewing. This mat is available for an additional $30.00.

Always give your kitty Rescue Remedy drops before traveling.
Drape a throw over the carrier so it is not exposed to the wintertime outside elements.



Question:  How do you train kittens not to claw furniture or stay off counters?

Answer: Well, that is a good question. Get yourself a clean empty squirt bottle, fill it with plain water and squirt kitty’s hind end when he or she attempts to display a behavior that is undesirable. You can also use canned air; you know the type we use to clean our keyboard with. Both of these methods work great. Kitty will learn after once or twice that behavior is a no-no!

Question: Do all kittens have blue eyes?

Answer: Yes, that is something that most people don’t seem to know, but yes, all kittens have blue eyes when they are babies.

Question: How do I know which ones will have different colored eyes by the time they are adults?

Answer: Below we have created an eye color chart for you to view which explains eye color. Please keep in mind that the colors may vary somewhat depending on each cat’s individual genetics.

Question: Are blue-eyed white Persians deaf?

Answer: Yes, 50% of blue-eyed white Persian cats are deaf much like albino rabbits. Deaf kitties are the friendliest cats money can buy since the “fear-factor” is not present. You call their name by your sheer presence rather than a verbal name so they come running to you the moment they see you. Anyone who has ever owned a deaf kitty would never even consider owning a cat with its hearing in tack because of the intensely affectionate personality. 

Question? Are any other types of white cats deaf?

Answer: A small percentage of copper eyed white cats can be deaf. Some white cats who have one copper eye and one blue eye may be deaf in the ear on the side of the blue eye.

Question: Are white cats blind?

Answer: No, there is absolutely no truth to this rumor. It is merely a hoax and nothing more.

Color PatternEye Color
All Himalayans Born blue, stay blue
WhitesCan have either blue eyes, gold eyes, green eyes or the unique “Bi-Eyes” (One blue – one gold)
Silver and Golden  (Including chinchillas)Born blue, turn green, aqua or blusih green
Bi-colors (Including calicos)Born blue, turn gold or greenish-gold
Tabby’sBorn blue, can turn gold or green
Chocolate & lilacsBorn blue, turn gold or green
TortoiseshellsBorn blue, turn gold (Orange or Yellow)
SmokesBorn blue can turn gold or green
Solids (Black, red, cream, blue, etc.)Born blue, turn gold (Orange or Yellow)


What is a Himalayan?

Answer: Ok, we get asked this question A LOT so here we go…A Himalayan is a Persian but with eight color points.
4 paws
2 ears
The mask on the face and the tail.
The Himalayan acquired the color points from the Siamese; therefore, the Himalayans are a tad bit more vocal and high energy than the Persians.
Both are very sweet-tempered, intelligent and very social. Like Persians, Himalayans are very loyal and devoted to their owners. They prefer to be near humans for ongoing companionship.
All Himalayans have blue eyes.
Persians and Himalayans are considered to be the same breed.
As with most long-haired cats, Himalayans need to be brushed daily to keep their coats looking their best.
The body fur on of a Himalayan is white or ivory, but the points come in many different colors: seal (or black), blue, lilac, chocolate, red (flame), and cream. The points can also be tabby or tortoiseshell-patterned. The chocolate and lilac point Himalayans are the most difficult to produce because both parents must carry the gene for chocolate/lilac to produce a chocolate or lilac kitten, as the trait is autosomal recessive.
Like Persians, Himalayans are indoor cats only and should never be allowed outside.
They are not fighters nor streetwise as most feral cats.


Did you know that many Essential Oils are toxic to cats?

Many people don’t know this critical fact. Essential oils are beginning to show up in more and more products these days so it is imperative to educate yourself on the dangers of them.

Here is a list of Essential Oils Toxic to Cats  Learn more HERE


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The deposit amount of $200 will hold your kitten for 48 hours. Sorry, we do not hold kittens on verbal promises.

Prices – Our kittens are priced on three contributing factors:
1.) Color
2.) Facial Structure
3.) Our willingness to keep them back as a future breeder.

FYI -Prices are subject to change without notice.

We do NOT allow our kittens to leave before they are ten weeks old, NO EXCEPTIONS.

*Please be advised we do not work with United Airlines, nor advise our customers to book flights with them due to their 30-day rabies policy.*


Note to future potential customers,

Kids grow up so fast, and you don’t want to miss a thing. It’s very hard to juggle work and a family, as many of you know. While we are incredibly grateful for the tremendous success we have had over the past three decades, it is now time for us to take a little more time to focus on family and other adventures life offers.

Therefore, if you see a particular kitten that captures your heart, we would like you to know we may no longer have that specific coat & color pattern again. The patterns we are phasing out are Himalayans, bicolors, and exotic shorthairs.

Our primary colors will now be silver, gold, white, and chocolate. Thank you for your understanding and patronage throughout the years.

Doll Face Persian Kittens




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