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Blue Chinchilla and White Bi-Color Teacup Persian Kitten For Sale

Furrbert – Sold!

Looking for a rare teacup kitten? Furrbert may just be the answer to your dreams! This blue chinchilla and white kitten is just too cute for words! Don’t you adore his innocent eyes?

D.O.B. 06/17/2013
Breed: Teacup Persian
Gender: Male
Color: Blue Chinchilla & White Bi-Color


Blue Chinchilla Golden and White Persian Kitten

Need a little bit of time to talk it over with your husband, wife, etc.?
Afraid the kitten of your dreams may be snatched up by another family during this time?

We offer a 24 hour kitten hold for $25, this fee is deducted off the price of the kitten if you follow through.
It will not be refunded or transferred to another kitten if you choose not to follow through, it will go towards lost sales/advertisement time.
Only one 24 hour kitten hold per family.

Request an invoice for a “24 Kitten Hold“ HERE

Please Note: The Internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is only one of each kitten and that kitten cannot be duplicated. Kittens can be available one minute and sold the next. We DO NOT hold kittens without a deposit.

or place a nonrefundable 72 hour hold on this kitten





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