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Cat Breeders

Three Simple Tips for Finding a Good Cat Breeder

Tip # 1 – First and Foremost – Stay away from Facebook! Most of those breeders are known as “pop-up breeders”, here today, gone tomorrow. If anything ever goes wrong with your kitten, you will never be able to reach them.
Always buy your new kitten from a breeder with an elaborate website filled with information, pages, and lots of galleries and pictures. Buying a kitten from Facebook is like buying a kitten from Craigslist. Any professional cat breeder will have a nice website with at least 12+ pages.


Tip # 2 Watch their website for a while before you buy. Does their website ever get updated with new pictures or kittens? Nothing ever stays the same in a cat breeders world for long, things move quickly. If you don’t see updates on the website like new kittens being added and old ones selling, chances are it’s a scam site.


Tip #3 Pay close attention to the pictures. Be sure they are not stock images. Real cat breeders nowadays watermark most of their photos because of overseas scammers stealing them and making fake scam sites. Therefore look for a series of pictures of that available kitten in the same set or background. A video clip of the kitten in that same background guarantees that you’re dealing with a good and honest cat breeder who wants to show the kitten off.

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