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Catnip Bows For Sale

SUPER FRESH Handmade Catnip Bows!!

Fuzzy Fleece Catnip Bows – Stress Reducers + Exercise Toy All-In-One!!!

What if there were such a thing as a cat toy that not only stimulated your cat to get up and exercise but also doubled as a relaxant? Now there is! We hand make them here ourselves, with homegrown organic herbs that are evenly mixed to bring the best of both worlds to your furry feline friend! Unlike any other catnip toy on the market, these amazing little bows are super potent. These are great to toss in the pet carrier when traveling to reduce stress or hand out during impending thunderstorms. You are sure to find these darling bows will quickly become your cats all-time new favorite toy! This healthy hometown toy will make even a tired, old worn-out kitty act like an 8-week old kitten!! We use these amazing little bows when grooming, shipping, transporting to and from the vet and even during thunderstorms. Any time when kitty may be in need of stress or anxiety relief. 

Catnip Bow Effects: Safely stimulates cats of all ages. Expect energetic play behaviors like jumping, rolling, running, flipping, and rubbing, followed by a low-keyed period of relaxation.

No harmful chemicals or preservatives!!


Size: Approx. 5” – 6” long ((Sizes vary a teeny amount))

Five bows for $15   (Shipping $3.00)

Catnip Bow Toy

Catnip Bow Cat Toy

Catnip Bow Cat Toy




Fleece Catnip Bow Set


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