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Our Signature Look

Our Signature Look

Our HIGHEST compliment is “PET QUALITY”

While many breed for ribbons, we breed for companionship.

 We will not and do not condone inbreeding, nor will we sacrifice health for “show standards.”

We hope you enjoy the signature look we have been steadily perfecting for the past 33 years!

Silver Teacup kittens



Traditional Look vs. Peke-Faced Persians

Many people say they see a consistent “look” in our cats, and they love it!

There are two distinct facial structures in the Persian cat world. One is Doll Face Persians, and the other is Peke-Face Persians. 

Doll Face is known as “Pet Quality” and Peke-Face is known as “Show Quality”. We do not breed Peke Face cats and never will.

Our customers are not seeking silky show ribbons, they are looking for healthy, happy furry family members.



Below you can see an example of our Dollface Persian facial structure. We feel this facial structure is all-around healthier and is much more appealing.

Silver Persian Kitten

Doll Face Persian Kitten

Peke-Faced Persians

Peke-Faced Persians are what most people know as the show quality Persian cat. These have been bred (sometimes inbred) to produce a feline with a flat face/profile. These brachycephalic felines have shorter skull bones which provide their flat faces and nasal passages. The look that is achieved is that in which the eyes and nose of the cat/kitten are in close range, forming a horizontal line. This variety of Persian often experiences several health issues. Narrow nostrils restrict the amount of airflow which causes loud breathing. The soft palate can also be too long for the cat’s mouth, sometimes blocking part of the windpipe or trachea, producing further breathing issues. Please note: not all Peke-Faced Persian’s will experience these problems. 


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