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Doll Face Persian Kittens Reviews – Holli

Doll Face Persian Kittens Reviews

Holli’s Experience with Doll Face Persian Kittens

Hi there Trisha,
Hardly a day goes by that you haven’t popped into my head so I thought I’d give you a Kai (formerly Scrappy) update. I’m going to try to send you a couple of pics of him but I must apologize cause most of them were taken on my phone. I’m also no photographer as you can see. He’s absolutely the most gorgeous little creature and we are so crazy about him. Pretty much every day “thank you Johnson’s” runs in my head. None of his pictures do him any justice. He’s a little monkey, into everything and constantly getting himself into trouble on purpose. A couple of months ago he peed on our bed cause he decided that his litter box needed to be put back in the powder room where it was when he arrived here last August. Well that was a no-brainer so back it went. But what a doll he is when he’s good, which is most of the time.
I’m always checking your site to see what’s up with you all. Everything seems to be going well. I would love to get my hands on Morris but John said that it was Morris or him. We’re packing up to leave Tuesday for Vancouver B.C. for 10 weeks. We took Kai up there for the Olympics and he loved all the attention from the flight attendants etc. He thinks he’s a star. This trip both the guys are going as it is too long to be away from them. I’ve never left Kai before. He’s such a baby, follows me everywhere and stares at me all the time.
I only hope you keep doing what you’re doing as I must have another kitten one day.
Kind regards,
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