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Moll Family

Hi guys!
Sorry that I haven’t reported in sooner about Twitterbug; things have just been really busy.
Twitterbug has been delightful, and things could hardly have worked out better. She has been sweet and friendly and purring from the time she first emerged from the cat carrier, and she is every bit as beautiful as she looked in the original photograph. She has been a big hit with absolutely everyone. The package of photographs arrived safely, thank you very much.
I think that we are settling on Morgaine as her name.
She and The Baby (our flame point Himalayan) are having a great time, including chasing each other through two long photographic equipment boxes, the Baby’s favourite game. The first day Morgaine managed a few little girl hisses at the enormous kitty, but she was really too busy exploring to devote much effort to hissing, and The Baby was just fascinated by her, if a bit overwhelmed. By the next day she had completed at least an initial inspection of almost every square inch of the house – fortunately we had kitten proofed things pretty thoroughly. Things like electrical cords haven’t turned out to be a problem – since they don’t do much of anything interesting, she doesn’t really have the patience to spend any time on them. They both much prefer racing up and down the carpeted stairs, and batting around toys – the floors now are covered with mice, balls, spiders, a pink and green octopus, etc.
So Morgaine has been a wonderful companion for our poor Baby. He still broods sometimes, but he has been too busy playing to spend much time just sitting feeling depressed and lonely missing Merlin.
Thank you very much for this adorable sweet kitty girl, and such a wonderful friend for The Baby. I’m hoping to send you more photos soon, but for now, attached is one of the kitties playing on the stairs. Morgaine loves to pop through the area under the bannister whenever anyone goes downstairs – then she goes racing around and flies down the stairs.
We did have one question. Could you tell us just what combination of shampoo and cream rinse Morgaine was bathed with? There were several listed in the FAQ. We were very impressed from the moment she arrived by what a nice smell she had; clean and soft without being strong-scented.
Thanks again,
Carol and Carl
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