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Himalayan Kittens For Sale

Welcome to our Available Himalayan Page!

The basic shipping package is $400
The shipping package for kittens 4 months and older is $450 (This is due to airline weight restrictions)

Back due to popular demand! Our world famous Himalayan honey’s!
We had phased out the majority of our Himalayans several years back and decided to work primarily with Persians.
During our absents we have been inundated with Himalayan request due to the lack of availability on the world wide web of these cherished teddy bear type kitties!
With their cashmere coats and baby blue eyes they are a sheer delight in every way.
Himalayans also known as “Color Point Persians” feature affectionate personalities and timeless beauty that melt the hearts of even faithful dog lovers!
Each one of our available kittens has his or her own dedicated page, click their thumbnail to open their personal page.


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