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Lightly Shaded Golden Persian Kitten For Sale – Dolly

Dolly – Sale Pending

While there are never any guarantees on the future, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe (if invested) this kitty would hold the world’s record for being the smallest cat!!!
We have no doubt what so ever she would beat the current record holder in the Guinness book of world records!!
While we are extremely tempted to keep her and take her to that goal ourselves, we have decided to list her up for sale and see if anyone out there on the world wide web is up for the challenge!
This Pocket sized princess is listed at $8500.
She graced this world with her grand entrance on 8/1/2011
She is a lightly shaded golden Persian highlighted with a beautiful warm cinnamon glow throughout her face.
Her tiny little body is decorated by God himself, with black swirls witch add to her breathtaking beauty!
Dolly showcases large round expressive eyes she utilizes to get what ever she wants in life!

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Lightly Shaded Golden Persian Kitten For Sale – Dolly


New photos of Ms. Dolly!! These were taken on 11/14/2011, as you can see…she is ALL HAIR!!! Take note of the way her hair is bursting out of the sides of her face and out of her ears! TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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