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Persian Food, Litter & Treats

Persian Food, Litter & Treat Recommendations

Our Kitten Diet

We feed Nutro Kitten Food to our kittens and pregnant mommies;)


Kitty Litter

We use Tidy Cats Instant Action Unscented Non-Clumping Clay Cat Litter. We don’t like to use the clumping kind of kitty litter because it tends to stick to the long Persian/Himalayan fur and make an awful mess.

Tidy Cat Litter Click here to purchase.

Here is the type of litter pans our kitties are used to, it is a “Van Ness Large Litter Pan”. Click HERE to order.

Van Ness Large Litter Pan

We kindly ask that you do not change your kitten’s diet, nor the litter (or litter pan) during the first three months. Doing so will only cause unnecessary stress, anxiety, and litter pan issues.

Transitioning from one home to another can prove challenging for a pet of any age. However, with the boost of essential daily vitamins and minerals, stressful situations can become easier to process. With a full immune system and levels of minerals and vitamins, your furry family member can fight against stress-related illnesses and transition smoothly from one situation to the next. These treats are a HUGE HIT within our cattery! Our fur-kids gobble them up quickly. Give the gift of health by offering a daily vitamin to your pet, he/she will thank you in the long run!

We feed and HIGHLY recommend the Lysine Treats shown below.

Felisyl L-Lysine Treats

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