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Doll Face Rug Hugger


Gingersnap – Sold

Adoption Information Profile
D.O.B. 05/10/2017
Breed: Rug Hugger
Gender: Male
Color: Flame Red Tabby

Please keep in mind the kitten’s coat may appear to have a different hue in the various pictures, this is due to the recharge time of the camera flash.

Red Persian Rug Hugger Kitten

Doll Face Rug Hugger

Solid Red Minuet

Red Rug Hugger for Sale

~Charismatic & Curious~

Minuet Kitten for Sale

“Will you be my friend?”


Red Persian Kitten

Beautiful Penny Eyes!!

Red Persian Kitten

Check out Gingersnap’s Cream Colored Necklace!

Rug Hugger Kitten

Red Tabby

Awwwwwee! So cute!

Red Kitten

Red Tabby Kitten

“Wanna sit next to me?”

Red Tabby Rug Hugger

Rug Hugger Kitten

Rug Hugger for Sale

Red Tabby Persian

Rug Hugger for Sale

Orange Tabby Kitten

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