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Himalayans – The Colorpoint Persian

Himalayan Cats

How is started

The beloved Himalayan cat is a symphony of two magnificent cat breeds, the Siamese and the Persian. The Siamese breed has been significantly diluted with the angelic Persian personality throughout the past 60 years leaving primarily the visual color points and beautiful blue eyes of this super sophisticated looking kitty. Often called “Himmy” for short, the colorpoint Persians come in a wide array of colors here at our cattery.

Through selective breeding over a period of years, we have fine-tuned our Himalayan kittens. Not only in the luxurious long hairs but also in the elite exotic shorthair, as well as the ritzy Rug Huggers.


This highly sought-after breed usually has a weight range of 6 to 14 pounds. They are known for being exceptionally intelligent and highly intuitive to “their humans”.


Himalayans generally do not care for overly loud environments yet do love to be the center of attention during parties and get-togethers. They thrive in homes with children, calm & loving dogs as well as other cats.

Himalayans are wonderful one on one companions and will often talk back to you with their musical voices when you look them directly in their eyes.

Much like Persians, Himalayans are easily trained and eager to please. They can often be caught hugging therefore referred to “Huggable Himmies”. Even after a grooming session a Himalayan will lick your hand or gently paw your face as to say “Thank you for the help”.

These ever so sweet pur-babies are extremely healthy and have a life expectancy of….8-15

Coat Colors

We have been blessed with the following colored Himalayan kittens over the years:

Seal Point Himalayan

Chocolate Point Himalayan

Blue Point Himalayan

Lilac Point Himalayan

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