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Living Art
We specialize in highly unique, ultra rare and one of a kind Persian coat colors. If you are one of those people that crave originality in life, you have arrived at the right website. We offer an array of designer patterns synchronized with elaborate custom colors. The majority of our kittens are like one of a kind Picasso paintings. We hope you enjoy your visit to our furry purry art gallery.

Internet Safety Tips

 Internet Safety Tips – Beware of SCAM SITES!!!

 Buying a Persian or Himalayan Kitten on the Internet in today’s World

Scammers are out there everywhere preying on your desire to own a beautiful purebred kitten at a low-cost price!!

Be careful, be cautious, do not get scammed!

Scammers are out in FULL FORCE and they love to use our pictures to scam you!!!! Pleeeeease be careful! We are located in Unionville, Missouri. We have NO OTHER locations. If you are not sending your money to Doll Face Persian Kittens LLC, in Unionville, Missouri, you are NOT buying from us! PERIOD!  Below is a list of actual scam sites. We try and keep up with the latest ones but new ones pop up every!!


It is sad that we have had to put a page like this up on our website but because we have one of the largest cat-related websites on the Internet (Over 1500 pages) therefore we are a major target for scammers who steal our pictures in an attempt to take advantage of your heart and scam your pocketbook out of hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. 

Online Scam Artists

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this website and the fact that scammers like to target us, we feel that its part of our job to discuss Internet Safety and warning everyone coming to this site about online pet scammers. Within this page, we give helpful tips and tricks to spot scam sites, falsified ads and give some insight into how scammers tend to operate.

These horrifying people blatantly steal our photos, exact content, articles, and even our very own names, pretending to be us! In addition, they create quick and straightforward blogs, one-page websites, and use our photos for advertising kittens. Scammers will advertise our kittens (illegally using our pictures) on classified sites, and other advertising platforms for as low as $500 on up.

You know the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Quality Kittens Are NOT Cheap!

Quality Persian and Himalayan kittens are not cheap or easy to raise, hence why most professional/experienced breeders charge $2000 on up for their kittens. This is due to the amount of time, effort, and money that goes into raising happy and healthy kittens. 

We feel it is our duty to help protect anyone we can against online scammers who are looking to confuse and manipulate unsuspecting customers to make a quick buck off of, especially since those scammers come and steal our kitten pictures off our website. We do everything we can to stop them but since we have been in business for 30+ years we have more pictures than any other cat breeder in Google and as you can see we pour our heart and soul into our kitty’s and their photos so that makes us a MAJOR target of these ruthless scammers!!

Pay Attention – You’re smarter than that!

We receive calls EVERY SINGLE DAY from upset people who have fallen victim to scam ads and fraudulent websites. In the end NEVER receiving a kitten, after paying hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars.

Past or potential customers will inform us of these online scams they stumble upon while browsing for a Persian or Himalayan kitten. When such activity is brought to our attention, we do our very best to have these ads and scam sites removed from the Internet. However, the amount of people out there doing these terrible things seems endless and honestly could quickly become our full-time job.

It is so unfortunate that successful businesses such as ours and others like ours are taken advantage of and exploited so that others can ride on our success. 


Things to Note

Below is a list of the most common mistakes and tactics most often used by online pet scammers. By keeping these in mind, hopefully, you will be able to spot a potential scam ad or fraudulent website. By finding a much “cheaper kitten” you may run into loads of heartache when that darling kitten you *thought* you were purchasing, actually does not even exist and it was simply a picture that was stolen from an actual cat breeder’s website or off Google images.

Things to watch out for:

1. No price listed, once you contact them through their contact form they will ask you what your budget is.

2. “Home Delivery” Many scammers will actually say they offer “Home delivery”! YES! THEY SAY THAT! They actually say they will deliver the kitten right to your doorstep! Who on earth would want a complete stranger off the Internet to come to their front door? It is one thing to go to the airport and pick up your new kitten or agree to meet at the airport in public but these crazy scammers try to make it sound so tantalizing they will actually say the kitten can be hand-delivered to your doorstep!! (They usually say the shipping process takes between 6-18 hours, they will ask for the name of “Receiver of the Kitten“.)

3. They prefer doing communication via text message and email because they can not speak good English!!!!!! REMEMBER THIS FACT!!!  

4. Their preferred payment methods are: Apple Pay, Zelle Pay, CashApp, Google Pay or Money Order. Once you have paid any of these ways, you have no buyer protection what so ever! 

5. They never give out their actual physical location. If you want to pay by money order they will give you a PO Box address. 

6. Online scammers like to mention the use of a “shipping services,” or “a shipper,”.




Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) ALL content and pictures on this website are the sole property of Doll Face Persian Kittens. We have only one location, Unionville Missouri. First and foremost, during a transaction, customers will either talk to Trisha, Tracie, Tegan, or Ann Johnson only. Secondly, all kittens are shipped from Des Monies, IA, but may be subject to connecting flights and layovers. Doll Face Persian Kittens only ships to the lower 48 US states. Sorry, we do not offer international shipping. We do not sell our kittens with breeding rights, nor do we offer stud services. Though we do advertise our kittens on a multitude of different classified ad sites and breeder directories, we only have two websites we sell our kittens from. This primary elaborate one www.dollfacepersiankittens.com and our compact mobile one, www.persiankittensforsale.com

When posting our ads, we will always link directly back to our website, we also list our name and phone number clearly on each ad. 

FYI – www.luxurypersians.com is a shorter, more compact URL that is also owned by us and will bring you to this website. It is easy to remember and can often be seen in our photos.


VERY important, if you come across any activity described above in which you do not believe it to be the work of Doll Face Persian Kittens, please contact us at the e-mail address below:

Our Email: dollfacepersiankittens@gmail.com

Our primary website URL:  www.dollfacepersiankittens.com 

Our mobile-friendly URL: www.persiankittensforsale.com

Our phone numbers: (660) 292-2222  OR  (660) 292-1126

Customers should always be able to speak with the breeder before placing money down on a kitten. We have a high volume call line (660) 292-2222 where we get 50+ calls a day so on that line we ask interested parties please leave the name of the current available kitten they are interested in and we will call them back. If you are an existing customer or simply have questions about how to purchase a kitten from us please call 660-292-1126.
Remember, our cattery is owned and operated by a sister team in Unionville, Missouri. We do NOT have kittens available in ANY OTHER STATE. 

This first site (below) has been scamming TONS of people out of TONS of money!!! They have stolen not only our pictures but much of our content on our website! We are working with authorities to get this site removed but in the meantime BEWARE!!! DO NOT send money to these people!!! They DO NOT have these cats! This is NOT US! These cats are already in their new homes!! These are full-blown scam artists!!! It is becoming next to impossible to keep up with these scammers, we no more get one site pulled down and they have two more put up. If the links below do not work, they have most likely shut them down. We do our best to keep this page updated but we have other jobs, they do not.


Below is a list of active Scam Sites BEWARE!!!!!!

“Passion Persians” IS A SCAM SITE!!!!!!

  • Here is the information we have on “Passion Persians”  the man running it is in New York NY,  his name is “Charno”
  • His phone number is 914-860-8191
  • His email address is: info.passionpersianhome@gmail.com
  • Another email address we also found linked to Passion Persians was: no-reply@wufoo.com
He does not give you a physical address because wants to be paid digitally through Apple Pay, Zelle Pay, CashApp or Google Pay.


 Please Note: They have downloaded our videos from our YouTube Page and send them via text and email! 



Persian Kittens Home – SCAM SITE!

(Watch out for this one, they change their name quite often!!!)





Mini Persians is a  – SCAM SITE!

Mini Persians


Happy Persian Kittens is a  – SCAM SITE!


CLICK HERE to See Cat Breeder Scam Site #5



If you run into a scam site where someone has scammed you out of money, please send it to us HERE and we will add it to this page so that others do not fall victim to these online predators. Many times these scammers take down their sites as fast as we list them up here so it is hard to keep up.



We were recently contacted by a lady who thought she was going to view a kitten at the breeders home. The breeder invited her to come and meet the parents and littermates personally. She had the date and time all set up, thankfully she had noticed the background flowers matched several of our sets and contacted us. We informed her the kitten in the photo was one of our past kittens that had been placed in its home several years ago. She said the so-called breeder discontinued all communication with her when she confronted them about the photo being one of our kittens. SO VERY SCARY!!!!

Also, be very careful of Internet kitty brokers, they are everywhere and preying on their next victim.

What is an Internet kitten broker?
As you may have seen lately, many kitten brokers utilize social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to sell kittens on at greatly reduced prices.
A kitty mill broker is a pet dealer engaging in the business of re-selling kittens who were born elsewhere. Unlike ethical cat breeders who own their own breeding cats and breed the animals themselves a kitty broker is a middleman. These dealers who obtain kittens from kitten mills, then transport and resell them are usually easy to spot because they lack their own personal website and target buyers on social media sites. You never see photos of “newborn kittens” only kittens that are “ready to go now”.  Some of these brokers import kittens from out of the country or even from the Amish community so they can obtain them at extremely low prices. This practice is on an all-time high and the health problems associated with the animals is devastating, to say the least.

What are Digital Pet Stores?

We all remember going to pet stores in the malls when we were kids and seeing the animals. The question was, where did those animals come from? The sad cold truth is, almost all of them were brought there by animal brokers who obtained them from unregulated puppy and kitten mills. As you have seen in recent years, most of these pet shops have closed and several of the actual cat and dog breeders made national headlines with the deplorable living conditions they were raising their animals in. Government guidelines disabled not only these despicable breeders but the brokers who played part in the animal trafficking of these helpless animals.

Now we are seeing a new trend in digital pet stores. Animal brokers who are buying cats and dogs from breeders in foreign countries, shipping them to the US, posting them “for sale” on websites and then selling them to YOU! Hundreds of animals passing through these animal brokers who simply run a small 5 or 6-page website. This sickening new era is sweeping across the Internet like wildfire. Be safe and avoid Digital Pet Stores. If you can’t speak directly to the breeder who bred your new family member, who are you dealing with?

Below is a list of active Digital Pet Stores BEWARE!!!!!!
Digital Pet Store
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