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 Internet Safety Tips – Beware of ONLINE SCAMMERS!!⚠️


STOP!!!!! Before you start reading down through this page, we want to make you aware of someone who is trying to fool people into believing people they are us!!!! They have made a fake website with fake “available kittens”. Beware! They are scammers. They are in Oklahoma. DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY!!! They do NOT have kittens!! They are online scammers with stolen images from Google. Click HERE to see this scam site. 


 Buying a Persian or Himalayan Kitten on the Internet in today’s world has become next to impossible with all the online scammers. One thing you NEED to know and REMEMBER, THERE ARE MORE ONLINE SCAMMERS THAN THERE ARE ACTUAL CAT BREEDERS!!!! 

And NEVER EVER think you are buying a Persian Kitten for $500 – $1200 on the Internet and having it shipped to you! If you think you have actually found one that cheap, the ONLY way you hand over the money is if you are meeting the breeder in person PERIOD! We receive tons of phone calls and emails every day from people who have been scammed by fake websites. These websites look authentic, but they stole the pictures from Google images. These ruthless overseas scammers toss together a quick 5-7 page website, slap up some stolen pictures, pick up a $20 prepaid track phone, and bam, they are in business! They prefer to conduct the kitten sale through text messages or emails since they do not speak good English. 

Scammers are out there everywhere preying on your desire to own a beautiful purebred kitten at a low-cost price!! They know you will fall in love with the cute pictures and not even question if they actually own the kitten in the picture. They are fast talkers and want to move the sale along quickly.

These scammers are out in FULL FORCE!! Nearly 80% of the people who contact us have already been scammed once or twice.

Our website is over 17 years old, so we have produced a lot of kitten pictures throughout the years. These scammers target us and use our pictures to scam people, therefore, we have created this page to help expose them.

On, this page you will find a list of all the fraudulent kitten websites we are aware of. We have taken a screenshot of their website and will list their so-called “cattery name”. Though we have several listed, there are new ones that pop up every day, so please be careful. You know the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

If the person is NOT a scammer, they should be able to produce a video of several of “their” available kittens playing together. Individual video clips are nice, but group videos validate that the person actually has all those “available kittens” in their possession.

You ask for a video where you can see at least 4 of their current available kittens playing and interacting together. If they cannot produce that, there is a reason, and I would NOT trust them.

Here is an example showing 4+ of our available kittens as of 8/11/2021 playing together.

Additional tips on what a scam site looks like and how to spot one can be found by clicking HERE.

Tips to spot a scammer

Below is a list of the most common signs of a scam site and tips that you may be dealing with an actual online scammer.

# 1 TipThey prefer doing communication via text message or Facebook messenger because they can not speak good English!!  REMEMBER THIS FACT!!! 

They will NEVER offer videos of their available kittens playing in groups!! Look at their “Available Kitten Page”, then tell them you would like to see at least one group video of those kittens, even if it’s 4 or 5 of them. I guarantee they WILL NOT be able to provide it!!!!

Their phone numbers usually lead to an automated Google Voice Account or Text Mail Subscriber where you will be directed to leave your number and the scammer will TEXT you back. You will not hear a real human voicemail! 

They have very small 5-8 page websites! THIS IS KEY! Pay attention to their website!! They toss together quick and easy websites that a five-year-old could build, these sites take less than an hour to build and usually have about 5-8 pages (Available kittens, About Us, Contact Us & Testimonials) Of course the “testimonials” are always fake and written by them. 

Bookmark and watch their website for a few months. You will notice they change their cattery name every 6 months or less! 

Pet scam sites never have video clips on the website of the “available kitten” only pictures.
Pet scam sites always have a “Buy Now” button next to the kitten’s picture, ALWAYS!!!! It may say “Adopt Now” or something similar, but the BUY button will be there ready to scam you out of money. They do not care who you are, they just want your money!! These “Buy Now” or “Adopt Now” buttons are a dead giveaway that you are on a scam site!!
Pet scam sites never list the kitten’s color because they do not know the actual coat colors. A true breeder always lists the kitten’s color.
Pet scam sites can never offer you newborn kitten pictures because they never had those kittens when they were babies, all they have are stolen images off of Google or Pinterest. When you ask them for newborn pictures, they will not be able to provide them.
Pet scam sites never list the kitten’s date of birth, either. On a true cat breeder’s website, you will see several available kittens with similar dates of birth, not just a bunch of random kitten pictures that don’t even look like they came from the same cattery!!

Below is a contract from an active scammer who just scammed a gentleman out of $758 in January 2022. We have etched out the victim’s information but left the scammers’ information for you to view.

This first site (below) has been scamming TONS of people out of TONS of money!!! DO NOT send money to these people!!! They DO NOT have these kittens! These are full-blown scam artists!!! It is becoming next to impossible to keep up with these scammers, we no more get one site pulled down and they have two more put up. If the links below do not work, they have most likely shut them down. 

Below is a list of active Cat Scam Sites BEWARE!!!!!!


 Online Pet Scam Sites for Kitten Buyers


First New Scam site of 2022!!


 View this scam site HERE

FYI – They switch out their “available kittens” (pictures) often to make it appear their kittens are selling.


Boutique Teacup Kittens – https://www.boutiqueteacupkittens.com/

Their Phone Number:

This scam site has stolen not only our logo photos but our kitten write-ups, and nearly all of their “available kittens” are our past kitten pictures from years ago! 


Boutique Teacup Kittens



Always be cautious and pay attention to these types of tricks they use to fool you!

WOW!!!! They are back!!! They just changed their name AGAIN!! Now they are “Round Face Persians“!  Same looking website, different name, and different website address. Be careful people, these are some hardcore scammers that will not stop!

Round Face Persians is a  – SCAM SITE!


Round Face Persians



Friendly Persian Kittens is a  – SCAM SITE!

“Passionate Persian Kittens” IS A SCAM SITE!!!!!!


Passionate Persian Kittens is A Pet Scam Site

Passionate Persian Kittens

Passionate Persian Kittens is a fraudulent website – DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY!!! They have stolen our pictures!!!

Passionate Persian Kittens steals OUR PICTURES!!! These people are in Nigeria!!! They DO NOT OWN THESE KITTENS!!!

Happy Persian Kittens is a  – SCAM SITE!



Heaven’s Persian Kittens is a – SCAM SITE!

Below is the contact information that we have received about Heavens Persian Kittens:

Jackie and Robert Glen 
717 Hempsted Dr.
El Paso Texas 79912
915 247 7341


Paradise Persian Kittens is a – SCAM SITE! (They have changed their phone number and look of their website twice in the past two months!

Paradise Persian Kittens is a Scam Site


Starlight Persian Cattery is a – SCAM SITE!


Hildreths Cattery is a – SCAM SITE!

Hildreths Cattery Is a Scam Site

Newlife Persian is a – SCAM SITE!


Newlife Persian Is a Scam Site

Newlife Persian is a scam site!


Sky Mini Persians is a – SCAM SITE!

Sky Mini Persians

Maya Cattery is a Scam Site!!

Maya Cattery Kitties is a Scam Site


House of  Persian Kittens is a – SCAM SITE!


Maya Cattery Kitties is a Scam Site


Elegance Persian Home is a – SCAM SITE!

Elegance Persian Is a Scam Site - Buyer Beware!

Mini Persian Cattery is a – SCAM SITE!

Mini Persians Cattery is a Fake Website

Lovely Persians/AKA Purrfect Persian Kittens is a – SCAM SITE!

AKA – Round Face Persians – AKA – Purrfect Persian Kittens


Lovely Persians Cattery is a Scam Site

Davis Dollface Cattery is a – SCAM SITE!

Ngassa’s Cattery is a – SCAM SITE!

 Exquisite Persians is a – SCAM SITE!

Exquisite Persian Kittens


Rachel’s Kittens Breed is a – SCAM SITE!

Green Home of Persian Kittens

Marko Persian Kittens is a scam!!
Marko Persian Kittens - SCAM!

Marko Persian Kittens - Pet Scammer

This is their Instagram account. All photos displayed here are ours!

((Current List of Fraudulent Cattery Websites as of 5-12-2022))

Boutique Teacup Kittens – https://www.boutiqueteacupkittens.com/

Doll Face Persian Cattery – https://dollfacepersiankittensales.com/

Green Hill Persian Kittens – https://www.greenhillpersiankittens.com/home

Best Persian Kittens – https://bestpersiankittens.com/

Kay’s Persian Kittens – https://www.kayspersiankittens.com/

Kate Charriotte Kittens – https://katecharriottekittens.com/

Lovely Persian Kittens Home – https://lovelypersiankittens.com/

Charles Exotic Short Hair Kittens – https://www.charlesexoticshorthairkittenshome.com/

Cherish Persian Kittens – https://cherishpersiancattery.com/

Fantasy Persian Kittens – Fantasypersiankittenshome.com

Reign Snoopy Cattery  – exoticshorthairkittens.company.com

Persian Kittens Cattery – persiankittenscattery.com/

Classy Kittens – classykittenshome.com/

Diazo Persian Kittens Cattery – www.diazopersiancattery.com/home

Danny Persian Kittens – https://dannypersiankitten.com/

Green Home Persian Kittens – https://www.greenhomeofpersiankittens.com/home

Holmescattery.us – https://holmescattery.us/kittens/
Round Face  Kittens – https://purrfectpersiankittens.com/
Purrfect Persian Kittens – https://purrfectpersiankittens.com/
Friendly Persian Kittens – https://friendlypersiankittens.com/
Passionate Persian Kittens
Home Breed Kittens – https://homebreedkittens.com/
Star Light Persian Cattery

Hildreths Cattery

Heavens Persian Cattery 


Lovely Kitten Home

Gentle Persians 

Persian Kittens  

Sky Mini Persians

Royal Persian Kittens

Paradise Persians

Maya Cattery Kitties

House of Persian Kittens

Elegance Persian Home

Teacup Persian Kittens 

Lovely Persian Kittens 

Mini Persian Kittens Cattery 


Purebred Persian Cattery – AKA Dignified Cattery – https://dignifiedcattery.us/

Davis DollFace Cattery – https://davisdollfacecattery.com/index.html

Ngassa’s Cattery -https://www.ngassafarm.com/

Persian House  (AKA)  Old School Farmer  https://oldschoolfarmer.com/

Friendly Exotics – https://friendlyexoticpets.com/

Exquisite Persians – https://exquisitekitties.com/

Rachel’s Kittens Breed – https://rachelskittens.com/

Blake Persian Cats – https://blakepersiancats.com/

Fluffy Persian Garden





There are just so many! It is next to impossible keeping up with them and we simply can NOT spend our day policing them all. Please be careful! 

All and all it really isn’t that hard to identify these scammers, look closely that these websites listed above, many of the details do not add up. Look at the background in the photos, none of them are the same, it’s not like the group of kittens were not even truly photographed at the same location, that’s because they were not! They are just random stolen pictures. So many little things like that. One of the websites even has an “add to cart”, seriously?  Would you really buy a kitten off the Internet that way?

Never, ever trust paid advertisements! If the cattery was truly long-standing and legitimate, it would pull up naturally in search engines due to longevity. Paid advertisements are always questionable, but especially true when involving animals.

Passion Persians

Featured Available Kittens

Click their photo to find out more!

Available Kittens