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 Internet Safety Tips – Beware of ONLINE SCAMMERS & POP-UP CAT BREEDERS!⚠️

Buying a healthy Persian or Himalayan kitten has become almost impossible because of online scammers and pop-up breeders. You need to know and remember that there ARE MORE ONLINE SCAMMERS than ACTUAL CAT BREEDERS!!!!

And never think you are buying a Persian Kitten for $500 – $1200 on the Internet and having it shipped to you! If you think you have found one that cheap, the only way you hand over the money is if you meet the breeder in person, period! We receive daily phone calls and emails from people whose fake websites and Facebook pages have scammed them. The highest ratio of scammers is on Facebook because it takes little to no effort to toss together a Facebook account. When we hear that people have been scammed by a Facebook scammer or received a kitten that was not the cat in the photo, it’s hard to feel sorry for them because it’s like, “What were you thinking?” You may as well have been trying to buy a pet on craigslist.

So you ask, how can I be sure that the person I am talking to is honest and real? We will give you some tips and tricks below to help you search for your furry family member.

1.) NEVER buy a cat off of Facebook! The chance of you getting the kitty in the picture is slim to none. True businesses have websites, not just Facebook accounts.

2.) “Breeders/Scammers” can toss together a quick little 5-10 page website with little to no experience, then say “We have been breeding cats for 20+ years”. How can you tell if they are real breeders and or experienced breeders? Check the age of the website. Here is the link to a website age checker. Now, perhaps they have been in business many more years than their website age reflects, but it is never a good idea to move forward with a website that is a few years old when the breeder claims to have been in business for decades. That’s just old fashion common sense. Not only do you stand a much better chance of being scammed, but there are so many pop-up breeders (here today, gone tomorrow) selling sick kittens and breeding cats with zero genetic testing your chances of getting a cat that will generate huge vet bills and most likely not live to see five years old is increased tremendously.

3.) Is the business a BBB-accredited business? The Better Business Bureau is the world’s oldest and largest resource library. Go to the BBB website and see if that “business/cat breeder” is an accredited business member. If not, I would steer clear of them. They have no trustworthy accreditation backing their business or even verifying they are who they say they are.

4.) Trust your gut feeling if something feels off to you. Stop communicating with the individual immediately. Online pet scammers are usually very pushy and want you to immediately move forward with the purchase. Many of them even offer to bring the pet directly to your home. Why would you want a stranger off the Internet at your home? You’re just asking for trouble.

5.) Never, ever trust paid advertisements! If the cattery were truly long-standing and legitimate, it would pull up naturally in search engines due to longevity. Paid advertisements are always questionable but especially true when involving animals.

Passion Persians

I hope this page has shed some light on the sinister things actively affecting pet buyers in today’s day and age.

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Doll Face Persian Kittens - A+ Rating with the BBB

Doll Face Persian Kittens – A+ Rating with the BBB – In Business 34 Years

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