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Jazzy – Sold

Jazzy –  Sold

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Golden Persian Kitten

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Oh, what a precious little girl we have here!!!! Just LOOK at that angelic little face and elegant fur coat! Swirled and twirled with exotic mahogany strips perfectly placed against her golden mocha canvased body. I think the darling monogrammed “M” on her forehead stands for “Marvelous!!! 😉

Jazzy loves playing follow the leader just to see if there is anything she can help you out with or just spend quality time with you. She is definitely a “People Persian” and been pampered her whole life.  She is always licking her paw and grooming herself, sometimes you can even catch her looking at herself in the mirror making sure there isn’t a hair out of place!! Lol Purr-fect hygiene is one of Jazzy’s top priorities.

She is one of those cats that can make any house a home with her warm and charming personality.  She is super inquisitive and likes to figure out how things operate so she tends to sit and study stuff for a while, like how does the screen saver kick on. LOL! She is very fond of water and likes to sit on the side of the bathtub or paw at the kitty drinking fountains.

Sometimes she chases imaginary friends throughout our nursery and is completely content entertaining herself for hours on end. Her humorous mannerisms will keep any family entertained and laughing for a lifetime! Her affectionate side will leave you wondering how you ever lived a life without her. If this beautiful work of furry purry art has fluttered into your heart, apply for her below before you check back and she’s gone.

Adoption Information Profile
D.O.B. 05/20/2019
Gender: Female
Color: Shaded Golden

We are not a pet store and do not sell our kittens to just anyone, an online kitten application must be approved prior to placing a deposit. You can fill out that application by clicking HERE

All deposits are taken in good faith and are 100{959b5af7d10c0e7219af1edf85ddd0b46d0ee91d80d6e442b85f0e6715e3aae0} NON-REFUNDABLE so please be sure you are serious about purchasing the kitten.


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*We DO NOT hold kittens without a deposit. This security deposit will hold the kitten for a period of 48 hours only after that time frame full payment is due.

*We simply can not hold kittens on verbal promises.

*$200 security deposit holds the kitten for a period of 48 hours. (We accept PayPal/Credit Cards for the security deposit ONLY.)

*Deposits are of course deducted from the price of the kitten if you follow through, however, deposits will not be refunded or transferred to another kitten if you choose not to follow through, it will go towards lost sales/advertising time.

*We reserve the right to refuse sale.

*If new photos are taken and posted, the price will most likely increase without notice. The new updated price of the kitten will be determined by the length of the photo-shoot and grooming session.

*Sorry, we DO NOT offer cell phone pictures or do business via text messages.

*Please keep in mind the kitten’s coat may appear to have a different hue in the various pictures, this is due to the recharge time of the camera flash.

*We accept cash only when picking up the kitten in person unless paid for in advance.

*Please bear in mind the Internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is only one of each kitten and that kitten cannot be duplicated. Kittens can be available one minute and sold the next.

*Prices are subject to change without notice, placing a deposit is the ONLY way to secure a kitten and lock in the current price listed.*

*We do NOT allow our kittens to leave before they are 10 weeks old and 2 lbs. We do not ship to Canada.

*Basic shipping package is $500. The VIP shipping package is $600. The shipping package for kittens that weigh 4 pounds and over is $750.

*Please be advised, we ship kittens twice a month. We kindly ask that you understand WE are the ones who set the shipping date, it is simply impossible to try and work around all of the events in each of our client’s lives.

*Please be advised we DO NOT have kittens available in any other state. We are located in Unionville, Missouri. All kittens pictured on this website were born, bred and raised here. If you see our kittens listed for sale on other websites it is a scam. The photos have been taken without our consent. The ONLY place to buy our kittens is on this website.

*Quality bred kittens are becoming harder and harder to find, with so many “pop-up” breeders that are here today and gone tomorrow, it is next to impossible to locate good quality lines to continue a sound breeding program. It is sad to see what has happened within the Persian breeding community during the last 3-5 years. Rest assured we will not jeopardize our 30 years of quality assurance by breeding ANY type of inferior lines. You can continue to trust with your heart and hard-earned dollar with us because we know, buying a pet on the Internet is not easy or to be taken lightly. Every decision we make is in the best interests of our cats and clientèle.

*We may cancel/decline this entire sale at any time should the buyer become uncooperative with our terms & conditions, in which case a full refund will be issued back to the buyer.


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