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Kitten Transition

 From Our Home To Yours – Kitten Transition


No matter the type of transportation you choose for your kitten, whether it be by plane or car, and no matter the length of time your kitten has traveled, we urge our customers to have compassion and a lot of understanding when it comes to finally being able to hold their new furry family member.

The one element that our customers must understand is that their baby kitten is losing the only home and family they have ever known. From their trusted caretakers to their furry friends in the nursery, their moms, their comfy beds, and kitty towers everything has changed!! 
Breaking away from their stable environment can prove to be a little overwhelming for some of the kittens.


The keyword is always the same…TIME.

For customers who are immediately concerned that their kitten seems afraid or not as playful and cheery as they expected, there is absolutely no need to panic. Do NOT expect your kitten to leap out of the carrier and start purring and playing as nothing has happened. However, this can happen. Even some of us humans dread big change and that’s okay. In most cases, however, your kitten needs some downtime to adjust.

How long does your kitten need to adjust?

The exact amount of time a kitten needs to adjust to their new forever family and home may differ from kitten to kitten. No two dispositions are alike. Everything from the carpet fibers to his or her water bowl has changed. Feeding schedules and daily routines have changed. The sound of familiar voices is no longer present. If the environmental change wasn’t enough, perhaps you have other pets in the home that your kitten needs to become aquatinted with and adjust to. That is a lot for a baby kitten and can prove overwhelming.

Please Note

If these changes weren’t enough, nine out of ten of the kittens receive a rabies vaccination prior to leaving our care. As with any vaccination, it can cause diarrhea, upset stomach, or lethargic behavior in moderation. He/she may also experience watery eyes or an upper respiratory infection shortly after arriving due to the transition.

Please note: Most of the kitties do not resume eating for 24-48 after arriving in their new home so do not be alarmed by this natural occurrence. 

So, how can you help your new furry family member feel safe once they arrive at their new home? Below is a list of suggestions for you.

  • The Bach Rescue Remedy pictured below can help with the stress and anxiety of re-homing.

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  • Loose catnip or catnip-infused toys are also a great tool. Catnip is a proven stress reliever.
  • Please do not change your kitten’s diet. With each kitten purchase, we let you know what brand of food your kitten is eating while they are in our care. Please help reduce their stress and anxiety by keeping the same diet once they come home.Best Cat Foods
  • Please do not change the type of litter. Keeping the same kind of cat litter will ensure that you do not have negative litter box behaviors.
  • Do not wash their comfort blanket for the first week unless absolutely necessary. The blanket that each kitten travels with is infused with the familiar scents of the nursery and will provide your kitten some comfort.
  • Nursery Blanket
  • Segregate your kitten to a smaller portion of your home until he/she has adjusted. Larger areas may overwhelm your kitten.
  • If your kitten is hiding under the bed or behind the couch (or anywhere else for that matter) please do not chase or remove them. They are looking for a quiet space to retreat to. He/she will come out when they feel comfortable doing so.
  • Talk to your kitten. Even if you cannot physically see your fur-baby, continue talking to him/her so they get used to your voice.
  • Provide toys. Toys may entice your kitten to play. By giving them toys they will relax and forget about being nervous.
  • Keep all other animals away from your new family member for the first week. Allow your kitten to explore the other pets in the home in their own time. Do not force them to interact with your other pets.
  • Give your kitten TIME. We cannot stress how important this is.


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