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Live Videos

Live Videos

Scammers are out there everywhere! It seems there are more scammers than there are real breeders. This is why it is ever so important to verify the validity of an online pet breeder before giving them any money. Honestly, anymore, they need to prove that the kittens are in their possession. I would demand a live video to prove they are real people and the kittens are real and in their possession.

There are a couple of different ways to prove these things. 

  • A live video
  • Facetime/Video Call

Though we do not provide these upon request, we do provide them as time allows and spontaneously multiple times a week on our Facebook page. We offer surprise popup videos on our Facebook and Instagram accounts several times a week. Be sure to follow us so you don’t miss a single one! 

What are Live Videos?

Live videos are unscripted, unedited, totally hilarious videos in real-time. Make sure you ask for a live video or video chat/Facetime if you suspect you are dealing with an online pet scammer.  

Scammers have found a way to steal pre-recorded Youtube videos and send them to buyers so always look at the date the video was recorded.

I have attached a photo below to see if a video was live on Facebook. 


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