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Monica & Wulfie

Hi Marie,
Just wanted to give you an update on Wulfie. He is the smartest and the cutest kitten in the world! 
I tell him that every day…and knows it! He loves learning new things and discovering new things he figures out how to do!!!
He loves to watch TV (sits right up on the tv stand and watches all the action). He is learning to walk on a lead and sit up for a treat! He loves to ride in the car and visits the nursing rehab facility where my Mom is currently undergoing treatment. He knows no strangers and knows he’s a celebrity kitten. 
The vets and vet techs LOVE him and they all want to hold him talk to him! He looks at them with “that cute, adorable curmudeon face” and they melt!
I am so in love with this adorable kitty…(I didn’t think I could love a kitty this much!!!)
Thank you so much for helping me pick him out and for lovingly sending him my way!!
All the best,
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