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VIP Nanny Delivery Service

VIP White~Glove Nanny Delivery Service

Would you like to have your kitten hand-delivered to you?

Don’t have time to come here and pick up your kitten or even meet us at the airport? Then take advantage of our VIP nanny delivery service! Our nanny will hand-deliver your new baby to the international airport of your choice. You simply arrive with a photo ID to pick up your kitten; it’s that simple!

Your new furry family member will attend to their every need during their flight, even play and cuddle time. You will even receive pictures to ease your mind on the day of your kitten’s flight!;)

We have been bringing furry family members to families for over 35 years, yet in the past have only offered ground travel and basic shipping. Due to the pandemic, all airlines have discontinued pet cargo shipping. This new, all-exclusive VIP (Very Important Pet) service is a program we are pleased to offer as a luxury service for those who prefer kitty to travel with a personal assistant and aren’t able to make the flight themselves. 

The transition period from our home to yours is much shorter because of the reduced stress during transit with this all-exclusive nanny catering service.

If this soothing style of pet transportation sounds like the best option, please click that choice on your kitten application.

Delivery methods

*Picking up here in Unionville, Mo.  – Free (Except for the health certificate, $95.00 & rabies, $60.00 if old enough)

*Meeting us at the Des Moines Internation Airport – $1000.00 (It is a five-hour round trip for us). Health certificate & pet carrier included (rabies if old enough)

*White-Glove Nanny Delivery Service – $3000.00 – Our nanny will bring your kitten to the international airport of your choice. All expenses included.

See some photos below of happy clients who took advantage of this new service.

Doorstep delivery



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