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Patchwork Persian Kittens

Patchwork Persians – The ultimate in designer Pets.

Each one a totally unique original, handcrafted by God himself!

These fascinating little works of furry purry art are the result of years and years of dedicated devotion.

We have all seen the traditional bicolor or tri-colored Persians.

The bicolors usually consists of two colors, one of which is white.

The classic tuxedo Persian can come in red & white, blue & white, cream & white or black and white.

The classic calico is known as the desired tri-colored Persian.

Both the bicolor colored and tri-colored display large color patches throughout their body with only small amounts of white splashes.

The Patchwork Persian is the trophy result of experienced bicolor and calico Persian cat breeders.

It takes years and years of meticulous breeding to achieve a true Patchwork Persian, where the majority of color is bred off the body resulting in a primarily white body highlighted with darling patches of color usually on the head, paws and tail.

When three colors are present the kitty is known as a Calico Patchwork Persian, when two colors are present they are known as “Bicolor Patchwork Persians”.

These extremely rare Persians can only be found in a handful of catteries throughout world.

If you are attracted to rare treasures in life, here you go!!

Black Smoke & White Bi-Color Patchwork Teacup Persian Kitten

Red and white Patchwork Teacup Persian Kitten

High White Calico Patchwork Teacup Persian Kitten

Blue & White Patchwork Teacup Persian Kitten

Red & White Patchwork Teacup Persian Kitten

Shaded Golden & White Patchwork Teacup Persian Kitten

Black & White Patchwork Teacup Persian Kitten

Blue Smoke & White Patchwork Teacup Persian Kitten

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