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Persian Coat Colors

Persian Coat Colors

For those of you new to the Persian and Himalayan world, you may find that some Persian coat colors are a bit confusing. Below we have created a comprehensive color guide where we discuss and show examples of all of our coat colors to help customers differentiate between them! It is our hope that these comparisons help you better decide which coat color is right for you! 

Silver vs. White

Many of our customers come to us wishing to own a solid white “teacup” Persian kitten. However, because white kittens are some of the largest in size of all the coat colors, they are considered “toy” Persians and not “teacups.” So, if you desire a small white Persian kitten to call your own, please check out our silver teacup Persian kittens for sale. Silvers along with golden kittens are without a doubt the smallest coat color variety. Genetically they are the most petite. 

Silver kittens are born darker in color, with silver scattered evenly throughout their coat. As they age, for the first two years of their life, they lighten in color. By the time they reach maturity many of our silvers appear almost white! There is also another defining characteristic that our silvers have, that white kittens do not. All Silver Persian Kittens have what most call “eyeliner”, that is a dark black outline that surrounds the eyes, and sometimes the nose too!  This makes the silver Persian kittens look very glamours. A silver kitten’s nose will always be a rosy pink/ wine color. White kittens will have soft pink noses and no eyeliner. Their paw pads will also be light pink in color.

Below you can see a photo example of a Silver Persian next to a Solid White Persian kitten.

Silver vs. White Persian Kittens

Shaded Silver vs. Silver Chinchilla

In the Silver coat color category, we have two distinct coats. One is the Silver Chinchilla; the other is the Shaded Silver. Silver Chinchilla kittens are much lighter in color, showing limited silver coloring scattered throughout their coats. Shaded Silver kittens appear much darker in color as their silver highlights are much more predominant and evenly spread on the coat. Both colorings still feature beautiful eyeliner. Below you can see a comparison between a White Persian, a Silver Chinchilla, and the darkest is the Shaded Silver.

Shaded Golden vs. Golden Chinchilla

Below is another example photo to help our customers distinguish between the variety of coat colors we offer. Our golden kittens come in a variety of shades with unique markings, so much so that no two golden kittens are alike. The Golden Chinchilla coat is lighter in color with a beautiful sun-kissed golden and apricot tones. The tabby striped markings are significantly lighter and seem to blend into the coat.  Sometimes a kitten will appear to have almost no tabby markings at all, except on the face and tail. Compare this to the Shaded Golden coat. Notice how much darker this kitten is? The tabby markings are much bolder and darker with defined edges.  You will often find that Shaded Golden kittens will be priced lower than a Chinchilla Goldens.

Shaded Golden Persian Kittens For Sale

Golden Chinchilla Persian

Lilac vs. Blue

At first one might think that Blue and Lilac kittens would look very similar. However, these two beautiful colors couldn’t be any more different! Lilac Persians are extremely rare and a coat color that is rarely seen in the United States. It’s as if the coat is an incredible illusion and it’s very hard to actually describe! The eye isn’t exactly sure what it is seeing. This coat color has a soft pinkish undertone and can look very different depending on the light. Their nose and paw pads are typically a rose wine color. Blue Persians have a deep rich coloring, and sometimes people refer to them as “gray”. This is the highly vibrant color with lots of dimensions. Their nose and paw pads are usually a deep greyish blue color. 

lilac vs bluelilac & White vs blue & White

Black vs. Chocolate

Black Persian Kittens and Chocolate Persian Kittens are often mistaken for each other. Perhaps it’s because solid chocolate colored kittens are not seen often. However, when placed side by side you can see just how different the colors are. Black and Chocolate require completely different genetic makeup to be produced. Chocolate Persians are extremely rare, and a color not seen often in the United States. The same genetics that produces Lilac kittens also produce Chocolate.  Knowledge of your adult breeder’s genetic makeup is a must, and in part, one of the reasons we offer such a wide selection of coat colors and patterns. Black kittens typically have a sleek shiny coat, on that appears solid black. Chocolate Persians have a warm undertone, sometimes with multiple shades of brown/chocolate colors. At times, darker chocolate colors will make up the tabby markings, best seen on the forehead. If you look closely at the kitten on the right, you can see the traditional “M” on his forehead.

Black vs chocolate


Below we compare a black smoke & white to a chocolate smoke & white bio-color kitten. The term “Smoke” refers to the color portion that has been altered by genetics. Instead of a solid color showing, it has been diluted to give a hazy, smoky appearance. 

black smoke vs chocolate smoke

Calico vs. Tortoiseshell

Calico refers to a bold pattern on the coat which is comprised of three vivid colors; red (orange) and black, with a large portion of the coat being white. These colors create distinct patterns with clean lines within the coat. This coat is also called a tri-color.  Another coat closely resembling a Calico is the beautiful Tortoiseshell. Called “Tortie” for short, this coat is a beautiful mixture of red (orange) and black that fade into each other, mixing to create beautiful dimension. Sometimes there is cream or a limited area of white within the coat. 

Below we compare a traditional Calico(left) vs. a Tortoiseshell(right).

calico vs tortie


Another variation of the Calico and Tortoiseshell is a Calico Tabby aka “Torbie.” This pattern has the traditional tabby stripes decorating the luxurious coat tri-colored coat. Calico Tabby’s in our opinion appear the most exotic looking. All forms of Calicos are primarily female. If a male were created, he most certainly would be sterile.

Below are a few examples of a Calico Tabby.

Calico Tabby Persian Kittens For Sale

Calico Tabby Persian Kitten

Calico Tabby Persian Kitten



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