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Persian Grooming & Bathing Guide

Persian Grooming & Bathing Guide

Persian Grooming & Bathing Guide

Characterized by their long flowing coats, openly expressive faces, and round sparkling eyes its no wonder the Persian has remained the most popular cat breed around.

It is without question that the Persian cat’s luxury coat in all its glory is what separates them from all other breeds.

Bathing and grooming your darling teacup Persian kitten is a must to keep him or her looking beautiful with that fresh from the groomer look. Not only does this keep your kitten looking his or her best, but also allows for some one on one bonding time. Below we have outlined a Persian grooming & bathing guide with step-by-step instructions on how to keep your Persian in pristine condition!


One of the most common questions we get is…..

How often should I groom my Persian kitten/cat?”

Our answer is simple. While brushing out your kitten daily is ideal, your kitten should be groomed at least once monthly minimum. The more time spent, the better in our professional opinions.

In addition to this, properly groomed Persians make for happier, healthy felines. Persian’s can have hair reaching over 4 inches long and can be prone to mats and tangles. Neglect to maintain a healthy coat will result in excessive hair-balls.  A few of our favorite grooming tools are pictured below.


It should be noted, mats are tufts of fur that have become severely tangled forming a clump which will block the skin and cause irritation or even infection. Preventing them in the first place is one of the goals of basic daily grooming and care. Despite this, the occasional mat may still form. You can use your fingers or gently with a comb tease apart the matted section starting at the ends of the hair and work your way towards the skin.

If the mat is too severe cutting it is always an option, but will leave a bald section. Please be careful when using scissors so you don’t accidentally injure your fur-baby.  It’s best to make sure he or she is in a relaxed state and use small round-tipped scissors. 

Trim your kitty’s nails with confidence with these top quality nail clippers to prevent those pesky unwanted scratches. Ouch! Those little nails can be super sharp!!


Overall, your Persian should be bathed as often as needed. However,  excessive bathing during the winter months can cause an unwanted cold. Below we have outlined a basic bathing and grooming routine in an easy to follow guide.

While many believe cats hate water, but nothing can be further from the truth regarding our cats and kittens! By the time you receive your teacup Persian kitten, he or she has already had 4-8 baths along with regular grooming sessions. In general, the Persian breed loves water, and you can often find them near a sink or shower. Some even enjoy drinking out of specially designed water fountains.

With the right tools and the proper technique, anyone can become a pro at bathing and grooming!

Preparing to Bathe Your Persian

The following is a list of the necessary supplies needed to bathe your newest addition properly.

  • Access to a sink
  • a warm fluffy towel fresh from the dryer
  • kitty shampoo
  • alcohol wipes
  • washcloth
  • gloves (if desired)
  • pet comb or brush
  • an air forced heater or pet dryerBlack and White Smoke
Washing Process

1.) Firstly, start by turning on your faucet, making sure the water is not too hot or cold to the touch. With a damp washcloth begin wiping your kittens face starting at the inner corner of the eye and working outward. Do the same for the other side, making sure to use a different area of the washcloth. This will help reduce any tear stains and can be done daily if needed. Be sure not to get any water in your kitten’s ears as this can cause an inner ear infection. Leave the water running during this process, letting your kitten get used to the sound; some even find it soothing.

Our Persians have been bred for their sweet doll faces. While our kitten’s noses are slightly longer to allow for proper breathing and sinus passages, your teacup kitten still may experience some eye drainage and staining around the eyes. The amount any one kitten experiences this problem varies widely. Some kittens may rarely need their eyes wiped, while some it becomes a daily task.

2.) Second, hold your kitten by the scruff of the neck (this will not hurt them) and gently hold your kitten under the running water of the faucet, avoiding the kitten’s head. Talk to your kitten during this process as it helps comfort them and reassure them:) Remember, this is how the mama kitty holds her young to ensure safety.

3.) Thirdly, after the coat has been saturated, add a small amount of pet safe shampoo (dime to quarter size) and work into your kitten’s coat thoroughly.

4.) Rinse all soap residue from your kitten’s coat. Be sure to rinse completely as any soap residue left may cause irritated and dry skin.

5.) Finally, once rinsed wrap your kitten in a warm, fluffy towel straight from the dryer. Wrap your kitten’s body up as you would a baby, keeping them warm and secure in the towel.

Cleaning the ears

After wrapping your precious kitten up lay him or her gently on a counter or tabletop. Carefully fold back your kitten’s ear and clean with an alcohol wipe. Repeat for the other side. Do not reach deep into the ear as you could damage them, Only clean the ear of any wax that is easily accessible. 

*please note if you have purchased a Persian or Himalayan Fold – DO NOT bend the ear cartilage as it can break and permanently damage the folded shape of the outer ear*

Drying your kitten

Using an air forced heater or specially designed pet dryer, like the one here, begin drying your kitten. As you are drying comb out your kitten’s coat as it will help it dry faster. Please make sure your kitten is completely dry, so he or she won’t catch a cold.

Finishing Touches

Once your kitten is dry, begin combing and brushing out the coat. If your kitten has any tangles or mats, gently and slowing comb them using a wide bristled brush. There are also several pet safe grooming sprays that help your kitten stay fresh and smelling wonderful. Some even help moisturize their coat too!

It is always a nice gesture to give your precious kitten a treat after bath time or a grooming session. This helps to reassure them and promote an easy grooming session in the future. Of course, if you are not comfortable washing and grooming your kitten yourself, please take your Persian to a professional groomer at least once a month or as needed. Well groomed kittens make for happier pets!



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