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Persian Personality

Persian Personality and Breed Traits

What makes the Persian breed so popular? 

Their loving and loyal personalities, of course! 

Persian cats remain the top number one most popular pet globally because of their laid-back, loyal personalities, timeless beauty, and regal coats that can come in a rainbow of colors.

Many of our clients say our kittens are like “a dog in a cat’s body.” From playing fetch to following you around the house. They are amazed at how friendly and well-adjusted our kittens are from day one. While each kitten possesses a unique purr-personality, they all have that off-the-charts friendliness factor that leaves our clients in awe.


Doll Face Persian Kittens Red and White Bicolor Persian Kitten

Persian cats are incredibly gentle and loving, both towards their owners and often towards strangers as well. They love being picked up and cuddled, and will often sneak onto a stranger’s lap, purring loudly. Indeed, it is this aspect of the Persian personality that endears them to people, perhaps more than even their appearance.

Persians are trusting cats, and generally assume that because they love people, everyone will love them back – and they are usually right about this. They are also happy cats and are content to just sit quietly with their owners, asking for nothing more than together time.

Doll Face Persian Kittens Minuet Persian Kitten


Enhance Your Life with a Persian Cat

Did you know Persian cats are actually good for your health?

One thing you probably never expected your cat to be is an instant anti-anxiety tool. But that’s exactly what Persian cats can be, according to science.

Studies have shown that because Persian cats appear less dependent on their humans than other types of pets, we tend to see them as a strongly calming presence in our lives.

Persian Cat owners have been shown to have lower blood pressure and resting heart rates, and in one study, were more likely to be able to respond to challenges without feeling threatened or overwhelmed. Because Persians are not hyper or extremely vocal, they are shown to lower their owner’s blood pressure.

Stroking a Persian cat can release hormones that tell our bodies to calm down, lower their heart rates, and lower blood pressure even more. As an added bonus, most cats find stroking to be calming and enjoyable, as well.

Many breeds do not enjoy this activity as much as the Persians by nature.

An Australian study showed that Persian cat owners were more psychologically healthy, happy, more confident, and less nervous. Silver Persian Kitten


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