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Signature Personalities

Our Signature Personalities

Chinchilla Blue Golden Persian

Doll Face Persian Kittens Signature Personality Lines

While the health of our kitties will always remain our top priority and focus in our breeding program, our second highest focus is their beloved personality. After 34 years in business, we have perfected a wide array of angelic traits within our lines that keep our clients coming back for more and more. Some of our kitty clients have 8+ of our kitties!!!
As they say, “cats are like potato chips; you can’t have just one!”


Paddy Cake Line

One of our most requested lines is our “Paddy Cake Line”. These precious purr-babies will march in place, kneading their paws and purring their favorite song so loud you can hear it halfway across the room! The moment they see you sit down, they will run to jump in your lap and knead their paws in the air as they lay on their back in hopes of some tummy tickles. There isn’t a day that goes by you won’t see them playing Paddy Cake with their furry purry paws. They march in motion like a soldier. This is one of the oldest and dearest lines in our cattery. The Paddy Cake kitties are usually silver and gold in color.


Velcro Kitty Line

Another highly requested line is what we refer to as our “Velcro Line,” this is one of our absolute nearest and dearest lines because these kitties crave being on your lap or touching you; therefore, we named this lineage the Velcro line. I don’t know that I would say they are clingy, but they certainly dislike being left alone in a room without people or other pets. The Velcro Line is extremely faithful, dedicated to its owners, and loves with a deep passion.

Generally speaking, all of our Rug Huggers are Velcro Kitties and do not like being left alone.

Kitty Clown Line

Next up is our super silly “Kitty Clown Line”. Families with children or busy households who want a kitty who likes action and lots of activity often request this line. The Kitty Clown line is fearless and lives to make their owners laugh. You can often spot this line in our pictures when you see the kitty flipping around in the photos being a total showoff! LOL, They do lovely with dogs of every breed and size. They are great for people who travel a lot because they love meeting new people and making friends.

Cuddle Bug Line

And last but not least, our most affectionate line ever! Our snuggle bug line! There are simply no words to describe how loving this line is! Most of them are short-haired, therefore, very easy to groom and maintain an exceptionally clean coat. They are very gentle-natured and tend to nuzzle up on your neck and shoulder and lay their little heads. They pur the very moment you make eye contact with them and love to lick your nose, fingers, and earlobes. You will never fully finish falling in love with this endearing line, nor will they with you. The majority of them have the most adorable “pick me up eyes” you have ever seen! 

Cuddle Bug Line

Cuddle Bug Line

Doll Face Persian Kittens Cattery is a:

DNA PKD Negative Cattery 

DNA HCM Negative Cattery 

Feline Leukemia (FELV) Negative Cattery

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) Negative Cattery

Fungus Free Cattery

Flea & Tick Free Cattery

Ear mite Free Cattery

Parasite Free Cattery

Let our passion for perfecting this breed be your peace of mind. Shop and adopt with assurance. You may find cheaper kittens on the Internet, but we guarantee you will not find healthier or more socialized ones anywhere in the world. We have dedicated 34 years of our lives to creating the most robust and loving kittens a human possibly can.


Paddy Cake Line

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