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Animated Persians

Animated Persians

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Here at our doll-face Persian kitten nursery we continually strive for as close to perfection as we can possibly achieve, continually trying new things and setting trends we hope others will love as much as we do! In our eyes there is always a fine line between extreme facial structures and our adorable classic doll-face kittens. However, we truly understand out customers’ desires for the unique looks that can be achieved while carefully breeding our Persians.
We are now featuring our “Animated” teacup Persian kittens. These cute as a button kittens have a unique look of their own. Animated doll-face kittens are set apart by their large expressive eyes which are full of love and wonder. Their larger than life appearance makes them seem too good to be true!
With our careful breeding practices we have achieved one end of the facial structure spectrum without the common issues associated with Peke-face Persian kittens. Our wonderful Animated Persians experience little to no tearing or ugly staining associated with extreme face felines.
Strawberry Blonde Toy Persian Kitten
Black Smoke & White Exotic Short Hair Teacup Kitten
Silver Chinchilla Exotic Short Hair Persian Kitten
Shaded Golden & White Exotic Short Hair Kitten
Exotic Short Hair Himalayan Kitten
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