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Process of Purchasing

The process of purchasing a kitten(s)
Our kittens leave a lasting impression on your heart? Then make that special little bundle of fluff yours!;) Here is the process of  purchasing one (or two) of our kittens.
Step 1 – Visit our available kittens pages & narrow it down to the kitten you are most interested in adding to your family.
Step 2 – Fill out the online kitten application, noting which kitten or kittens you are wanting. This online form allows you to tell us about the type of home you have to offer. Please be detailed and provide plentiful information about your home & family. Information such as current pets in your home, children, smokers in your home, how often people will be there to offer care and supervision as well as your personal beliefs about de-clawing, allowing cats to go outdoors, ect.  are greatly appreciated.
Step 3 – Place a security deposit on the kitten of you choice. This is done by the payment button in the lower left hand corner of our website. Simply enter the kitten’s nursery name and choose either a custom amount or use the default amount of $250.  If for any reason we should decide your home is not ideal for that kitten your deposit will be refunded in full.
Step 4 – Once we receive your application and security deposit we will be in touch shortly. We will most likely give you a call to answer any questions you may have about the kitten or process of getting him or her into your arms.
Step 5 – Your kitty will be moved onto the Peek in the Past Page and you will be able to show all of your family and friends your newest addition to the family.
Have questions? Give us a call, we ‘ll be happy to speak with you.
(660) 292-4377



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