Doll Face Persian Kittens ~ Cream Puff

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Adoption Information Profile
D.O.B. 04/26/2024
Gender: Male
Color: Cream & White Bi-Color
Breed Type: Rughugger Persian
Coat Type: Double
Size: (Honest Estimate, “not guarantee” adult weight): 5-6lbs.
Characteristics: Curious, Charming & Attention seeking
Signature Line: Velcro Line

Price: $7,500

Kittens for sale 

Cream Puff – Cream & White Bi-Color – Available

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Coat color can appear slightly different depending on the amount of natural sunlight and camera vs cell phone pictures. Kittens for sale 


Who says you can’t buy love? Meet Cream Puff, love wrapped in a beautiful luxury coat. Don’t let his tiny stature fool you; this little guy has a larger-than-life personality full of adoration!

Cream Puff’s top-quality designer coat looks as though it has been kissed by the sun, with soft, golden hues that shimmer in the light. His open face is easy to fall in love with, and his expressive eyes speak volumes about his yearning for love and constant attention.

Cream Puff is not just a pretty face. He’s a playful, spirited kitten who loves to explore and engage with his surroundings. Whether he’s chasing after a toy, pouncing on a feather, or curling up in a sunny spot for a nap, he brings joy and energy to every moment. His curiosity is boundless, and he has a knack for finding the most interesting nooks and crannies to investigate.

This wee one is also a social butterfly, always eager to make new friends. He’s great with other pets and adores human companionship. Cream Puff’s favorite pastime is snuggling up in your lap, where he can soak up all the love and attention he craves. His gentle purrs and soft cuddles will melt your heart and brighten your days.

Cream Puff’s affectionate nature and charming personality make him the perfect addition to any home. If you’re looking for a sweet, loving companion who will fill your life with happiness, Cream Puff is the one for you.

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Price: $7,500

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Kittens for sale 


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Just a friendly reminder that the internet is open around the clock, and each adorable kitten is truly one-of-a-kind. Once a sweet furry friend finds their forever home, they’re gone for good. Unlike mass-produced items like TVs and cell phones, these kittens are truly unique and irreplaceable. If you’re serious about bringing one of these special kitties into your life, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Remember, we can’t reserve a kitten based on verbal commitments, so take action if you’ve found your purrfect match!

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