Doll Face Persian Kittens ~ Juniper

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Adoption Information Profile

D.O.B. 05/05/2024
Gender: Female
Color: Black Smoke & White Bi-Color
Breed Type: Persian
Coat Type: Double
Size: (Honest Estimate, “not guarantee” adult weight): 5-7lbs.
Characteristics: Sweet, Love Bug & Empath 
Signature Line: Cuddle Bug Line
Price: $5,000

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Juniper – Black Smoke & White Bi-Color – Available

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Coat color can appear slightly different depending on the amount of natural sunlight and camera vs cell phone pictures. kittens near me 


Meet Juniper! This darling little baby girl has enough hair for three kitties—she’s like one big PURRING POOF-BALL! Her tiny face could melt the heart of even a tin man with its irresistible charm.

Juniper is the ultimate follower, always ready to play her favorite game of “follow the leader.” She’ll trail behind you wherever you go, her fluffy tail waving like a tiny flag. Be careful where you step, as she loves to jump into your path, hoping you’ll bend down and scoop her up for a cuddle.

But there’s more to Juniper than just her adorable fluffiness and playful antics. She has a sweet, affectionate nature that will warm your heart. Her gentle purrs and soft snuggles are the perfect comfort at the end of a long day. She loves being close to you, whether it’s perched on your shoulder, nestled in your lap, or curled up beside you on the couch.

Juniper’s curiosity knows no bounds. She loves exploring every nook and cranny of her environment, her bright eyes always wide with wonder. Her playful spirit shines through in everything she does, from batting at feather toys to chasing after imaginary prey.

This little girl is more than just a kitten; she’s a bundle of joy and love waiting to become a part of your family. If you’re looking for a sweet, affectionate companion who will bring endless smiles and warmth to your home, Juniper is the perfect choice.

Adopt Juniper today and let her purring poof-ball self fill your life with love, laughter, and endless cuddles!

Price: $5,000

Serious Inquires only, please*

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Just a friendly reminder that the internet is open around the clock, and each adorable kitten is truly one-of-a-kind. Once a sweet furry friend finds their forever home, they’re gone for good. Unlike mass-produced items like TVs and cell phones, these kittens are truly unique and irreplaceable. If you’re serious about bringing one of these special kitties into your life, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Remember, we can’t reserve a kitten based on verbal commitments, so take action if you’ve found your purrfect match!

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