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Purchasing Privileges

Doll Face Persian Kittens Purchasing Privileges

  • We are not a pet store, rescue, shelter, or humane society and do not grant purchase privileges to just anyone with the financial means.
  • We reserve the right to refuse sale, as we are very selective regarding the type of homes we grant purchasing privileges to.
  • These kittens are our babies, and we take the utmost responsibility in placing every one of them in the best possible homes.
  • We offer a vast amount of information about who we are and the type of cattery we run; we require an online kitten adoption application to be filled out, and tell us a little about your family and the type of home you offer.
  • Once you have filled out an application, we will be in touch within 24 hours.

For potential Doll Face Persian Kitten customers, please read and review the terms and conditions below before committing to adding a Persian kitten to your home and heart.

  • Hateful, rude, demanding, or disrespectful parties need not apply for our kittens.
  • False representation of any type will automatically terminate the kitten adoption/sale.
  • If Doll Face Persian Kittens cancels a kitten sale, 100% of all monies paid will be refunded to the buyer within 7 days from the time of cancellation.
  • We will not conduct business via text message.
  • Cell phone pictures or “quick pics” are not offered under any circumstances. Professional pictures are kept current on the website.
  • All kittens are sold as pets only.
  • Doll Face Persian Kittens does not offer stud services.
  • All kittens are bred, born, and raised here, kittens are not purchased and resold by any third parties.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. The only way to lock in the current price is by placing a security deposit.
  • Security deposits will NOT be refunded or transferred to another kitten. This charge goes towards lost sales time and advertising on the Internet.
  • Security deposits will come off the price of the kitten if you choose to follow through.
  • Kittens must be 2.5 lbs before leaving the nursery.
  • Kittens will not be held on verbal promises.
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