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Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Kittens must be 2 pounds in weight before they can be cleared by our vet for travel. This applies to ALL kittens, regardless of shipping or picking up your kitten in person.

We have successfully been shipping our kittens for over 2 decades without any serious issues.

  • The kitten will receive a dose of stress drops before leaving the nursery. Their carrier is also sprayed with a calming agent.
  • Kittens are giving a professional grooming session before leaving our nursery. Each is bathed, blow-dried and groomed 1-2 days before travel.
  • The kitten(s) will arrive with his or her nursery blanket. This special blanket has the scent of the nursery mates and mother on it. Please refrain from washing their baby blanket for the first few weeks after arriving.
  • We pick up the food dish on the eve of shipping to help prevent the baby from getting car/airplane sick or soiling their kennel.

We are always amazed at how well they do during their re-homing process. 

  • Basic shipping package is $500.
  • VIP shipping package is $600. 
  • Shipping packing for kittens that weigh 4 pounds and over is $750.
  • Expedited shipping packages is $1,500.

We are located in Unionville, Missouri.

Please be advised we ship kittens twice a month.

Wintertime Re-homing Tips

Wintertime re-homing is harder on the fur babies so please help keep stress to a minimum. Do not change their diet or type of litter. Keep plenty of warm blankets in the pet carrier when transferring kitty outdoors. We recommend using the ThermaPet Cat Mat inside the carrier, this unique mat is specially designed to radiate your pet’s body heat back to them without electricity. Its durable construction withstands clawing and chewing. This mat is available for an additional $30.00.

Always give your kitty Rescue Remedy drops before traveling.
Drape a throw over the carrier so it is not exposed to the wintertime outside elements. Ask about our Therma Pet bed for winter shipping!!:)





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