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Smoke Persians

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Smoke Persian Kittens

The now elusive “smokes” is one of the fundamental “colors” in the Persian breeding world. This category is best described as the illusion of a dusty pigment or undertone of white, giving the original coat color a hazy dream-like quality. Firstly, these dreamy soft colored kitties are nearly impossible to find in the “doll-face” variety. This beautiful effect is the most noticeable while the kitten is in motion. With a subtle breeze blowing and parting the unique luxury coat, a stunning white undercoat plays peek-a-boo from underneath. On the other hand, lighting can play a major role too, affecting the actual colors you see of the coat and sometimes you are left completely lost for words, unsure of what you are truly seeing. This effect gives the extra special “Wow Factor” to a kitten’s already amazing flowing coat. 

In addition to this, we are proud to say that we have achieved this amazing and extremely rare color illusion. Let your imagination run wild with these whimsical nursery additions. Furthermore, if you prefer the finer things in life, add one of these amazing kittens with their dreamlike hazy soft coats to your life. They are a sight to behold! 

Status Definitions 

Currently Available – Available

Sale Pending – We are speaking to someone about the purchase of that kitten, but no money has been placed.

Reserved – The kitten has a 48-hour holding deposit placed on he or she. 

Sold – The kitten is paid in full and no longer available.

Prices are subject to change without notice, the only way to lock in the current price is by placing a deposit. 

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