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Solid Blue Teacup Persian Kitten

Deep Blue Sea – Sold

Step into another world by owning this mesmerizing kitten. Deep Blue Sea is an attention-loving handsome kitty looking for someone to love for a lifetime. You will be enamored the moment you lay eyes on him. If you cannot stop thinking about Deep Blue Sea then he must be the one for you!

D.O.B. 07/25/2013
Breed: Teacup Persian
Gender: Male
Color: Deep Blue
Price: $1500~ Price does not include shipping ($400) or fixing fee ($100)
Size: (Honest Estimate “not guarantee” adult weight: 7-8 lbs.)
Bonded Buddy: Smurf
ALL kittens are spayed or neutered before leaving

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Solid Blue Teacup Persian Kitten

Blue Persian Kitten

Beautiful deep blue hue to his amazing coat.

Blue Persian Kitten




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