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Black Smoke Persian Kitten For Sale – Phantom

Phantom – Sold


This amazing kitty will knocks your socks off!!! Once in a blue moon we will see one of these totally awesome black smoke Persians!
They are pretty cool as a kitten, but bloom into an unforgettable & stunning adult Persian.
Gender: Male
D.O.B. 7/13/2012
Breed: Persian
Color: Black Smoke 
Price: $2500 
Size: (Honest Estimate “not guarantee” adult weight: 7 lbs.)

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Black Smoke Persian kitten

Below is a photo of a black smoke Persian adult cat. While no two black smoke Persian kittens look alike, they will look similar. Phantom will look similar to this when he is older.

Black Smoke Persian

Black Smoke Persian Kitten

Black Smoke Persian Kitten

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