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Tabby Pattern Persians

Tabby Persian Cats & Kittens

Tabby Persians are increasingly popular, this is most likely due to the fact we have all had a loving furry friend who presented a tabby pattern at one time or another in our lives. From the classic “M” on their forehead to the adorable ringlets (often referred to as “kitty bracelets”) they quickly claim our hearts as they refresh our childhood memories of an old tabby romance we once shared with these exotic looking angelic kitties.

Tabby Pattern Persians .We currently have new spring 2013 kittens available in this color division. Only those customers on our paid deposit waiting list are able to view these kittens ranging from 3 weeks to 6 weeks of age. If you would like a special sneak peek of our new spring kittens please join our paid deposit waiting list.

At 6-8 weeks of age these kittens will be assessed and we decide which ones (if any) we will keep back and future breeders. At this point prices will be placed on these kittens and they will appear here for everyone to view and purchase. Kittens will be offered to those on our paid deposit waiting list first. Again, if you would like to join those previewing our new kitten please join our waiting list HERE.

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