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Rug Huggers – The Eternal Kitten

Rug Hugger Persian  – The Eternal Kitten

Welcome to the beautiful world of Persian Rug Hugger kittens or The Eternal Kitten!

A Rug-Hugger is a designer cat, and two selective breeds have made one “Eternal Kitten”!

 It is a no-brainer that adding a second gene pool strengthens a cat’s overall health, making it a more hearty kitty.

The one and only TRUE authentic Miniature Persian! 

They’re not short, they’re fun-size!!!

Rughugger short hair Persian

If you have ever dreamed of owning a cat that has kept its kitten appearance, your dream has come true! Rug Hugger cats are the kitty for you!

Rug Hugger Cat

Teacup Rug Hugger Kitten

High spirits….low legs! Be prepared to be amazed!!!!!

Rug Huggers Disposition

These tiny treasures are unlike anything you have ever seen! 

Rug Hugger Kittens have what we call “Velcro Personalities.” They literally stick to you!! LOL. They can not get enough cuddles! We say they are addicted to snuggling. LOL. Therefore, we labeled them “Velcro Kitties.” It’s not just people they love being near, they also crave attention from other pets in the home. They are equal opportunity lovers. LOL.

Rug Huggers rarely like being left alone, so we prefer not to sell a Rug Hugger kitten into a home if there isn’t another kitty living there. They do enjoy dogs but tend to thrive with other felines near truly. That feline-to-feline bond is almost as important as food & water to a Rug Hugger kitty.

Rug Huggers are incredibly playful and super affectionate and love being held. This also makes them our top-rated therapy pets.

Their angelic features are like no other cat in the world, so it’s no wonder they leave such a lasting impression on everyone who meets them. Whether you have an in-home party, take them to a family get-together, or on vacation with you, I guarantee they will be the center of attention!!

Everywhere they go, people will stop you and ask if they can take a closer look and snap a picture of them. They are truly furry, purry art!

Their tiny 2-3 inch legs set them apart from all other breeds! Top it off with those incredibly expressive doll faces, big round sparkling eyes, and chubby chipmunk cheeks, and they own your heart forever.

A fascinating fact about Rug Huggers: they stand up like little squirrels! It is known as “Prairie dogging”. It is the cutest thing you have ever seen! They have a different center of gravity and will stand up out of nowhere, like people. So sweet!

Rug Hugger Persian Kitten



Rug Hugger KittenRug Hugger Kitten


Himalayan Rug Hugger Kitten

Rug Huggers like to wave and show off their tiny legs, entertaining “their hoomans” and all who care to watch their cute kitten antics!!

Himalayan Rug Hugger Kitten

Rug Hugger Persian Kitten

It’s so cute how Rug Huggers maintain their kitten-like personalities their entire lives, never really mentally growing much past an 8-12 week old kitten, so on many levels, they earn their “Eternal Kitten Title.”

Shorthair Rug Huggers Persians

Our Rug Hugger Kittens also come in a Shorthair version for those of you that want less grooming. The shorthair Persians are also known as the “Lazy Man’s Persian”, so I guess we could say these are the Lazy Man’s Rug Hugger Persian!! LOL

Shorthair Rughugger

Persian Fold Rug Huggers Persians

Up next, we have our latest type of Rug Hugger Persian and, quite possibly, our most adorable! Persian Fold Rug Huggers! Rug Huggers with little folded ears!! OMG, too cute!! It’s been hard not to keep every single one of these little cutie pies!!

Persian Fold Rughugger
Persian Fold Rughugger


See Rug Huggers in action in the videos below!!!

What could be better than one Rug Hugger kitty? TWO Rug Hugger kitties!!!!

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