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Then & Now

Welcome to our Then & Now Page
Below you will find pictures of some of our kitties as babies and what they look like today;)

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Brittany Then


Brittany Now




Tiny Tim Then
Tiny Tim Now



Dolly Then Kittens for sale
Dolly Now Kittens for sale near me



Prada Then Shorthair exotic kitten for sale
Prada Now Shorthair kittens for sale



Good Golly Miss Molly Then Persian Kittens
Good Golly Miss Molly Now Persian Kittens



Andy Then Doll Face Himalyan
Andy Now  Doll Face Himalayn



Purrlina Then Persian Kittens for sale
Purrlina Now Persian Kitten



Scooter Then Persian Kitten
Scooter Now Persian Cat

Emy Then Shaded Golden Persian Kitten
Emy Now Doll Face Persian Kittens


Rocky Then Shaded Silver Persian Kitten
Rocky Now Shaded Silver Persian Cat


Katy Purry Then Black Persian Kitten
Katy Purry Now Black Persian


Sophie Then golden scottish fold
Sophie Now scottish fold


Persephone Then
Persephone Now Blue & White Bicolor

Tiger Lily Then Chinchilla Golden & White Bicolor Persian Kitten
Tiger Lily Now


Luna Then
Luna Now Chinchilla Silver



Coco Then Persian cat
Coco Now Persian cat


Louis Then Chinchilla Silver & White
Louis Now Persian cat


Morning Glory Then Blue Persian
Morning Glory Now Blue Persian cat

Bette Davis Then Chinchilla Silver
Bette Davis Now Silver Persian

Ivanka Then scottish fold
Ivanka Now scottish fold


Gracie Then Chinchilla Silver Kitten
Gracie Now Chinchilla Silver Persian

Barnaby Then Golden Persian Kitten
Barnaby Now Barnaby Persian

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Mufasa Then Persian Kitten
Mufasa Now Persian cat

Willow Then
Katy Purry Now

Bentley Then Golden Persian
Bentley Now Persian cat

Titan Then Silver Persian Kitten for Sale
Titan Now Silver Persian

Tonka Then Cream & White Bicolor
Tonka Now

Ivy Then
Ivy Now

Murfee Then Silver Chinchilla Persian Kitten
Murfee Now chinchilla silver

Domino Then Exotic Shorthair Kitten
Domino Now


Smokey Then
Smokey Now



Muffen Then Golden and White Bicolor Exotic Shorthair
Muffen Now



Rella Then
Rella Now



Sterling Then Silver Chinchilla Persian Kitten
Sterling Now



Elmo Then
Elmo Now


Luca Then Golden Chinchilla Persian Kitten
Luca Now



 Downy Then Downy
Downy Now



Christmas Wish Then Shaded Golden Tabby Persian Kitten
Christmas Wish Now


Twinkie Then
Twinkie Now


Nahla Then Lilac Persian Kitten
Nahla Now

Habib Then
Habib Now

Max Then
Max Now



Dreama Then Himalayan Rug Hugger Kitten
Dreama Now



Zeus Then Exotic Shorthair Kitten
Zeus Now



Zorro Then
Zorro Now



Kitty Leo Then
Kitty Leo Now



Leo Then
Leo Now



Patches Then Calico Exotic Shorthair Rug Hugger Persian Kitten
Patches Now



Marshmallow Then
Marshmallow Now



Hope Then
Hope Now



Squiggle Then
Squiggle Now



Domino Then Exotic Shorthair Persian Kitten
Domino Now


Did you buy a kitten from us? Show us your then & now photos!;) We would love to see them;)


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