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Living Art
We specialize in highly unique, ultra rare and one of a kind Persian coat colors. If you are one of those people that crave originality in life, you have arrived at the right website. We offer an array of designer patterns synchronized with elaborate custom colors. The majority of our kittens are like one of a kind Picasso paintings. We hope you enjoy your visit to our furry purry art gallery.
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Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations | Micro Persians??

Chinchilla Golden & White Bicolor Persian Kitten

Micro Cat/Micro Persian

With so many scam sites out there these days claiming to have “Micro-sized cats” we thought we should clear up some of the misconceptions and better clarify true Tea Cup Persian Cats. 

First off, there is no such thing as a “Micro Cat” or “Micro Persian,” it is just an internet hoax and online scam in an attempt to scam people out of money.
The world’s smallest cat “Mr. Peebles” of which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records was a feral kitty. He was the runt of the litter and by no means, a purebred.
An internet hoax of “Micro Kitties” was started a few years back by some online scammers and now many unethical cat breeders are using this terminology to sell their kittens. Please do not become one of the next victims to fall for the “Internet Micro Persians Hoax.”

Though we have not invested the time, we KNOW we could break this world’s record (actually several times over!) with our kitties. We have one adult female Persian who is 1 lb. 8 ozs. we are actually thinking of putting up against Mr. Peebles!!

Our Teacup Kittens

Unfortunately, within the Persian breeding world, there are many unscrupulous breeders with unethical practices and false advertising schemes which are used to lure unknowing customers in. Many customers fall into the hands of breeders who only care about making a quick dollar.

We have continued to produce miniature sized Persian kittens successfully. Each kitten within our nursery is expected to be under ten pounds full grown as an adult. The majority of our kittens grow to be between 3-7 pounds full grown. On each kitten’s individual page we list an “honest estimate” for that kitten’s expected adult weight. We have done our best to provide our customers with realistic size expectations.

 Standard size Persian felines can grow to 15 pounds or more in some cases. By no means will our “teacup/miniature” Persian kittens fit into a teacup as a full grown adult. Notice the photo below. The calico kitten shown is approximately 3-4 weeks of age. She is sitting inside a teacup not much bigger than she is. At this age, this kitten may not even be out of her warm nursing bed where she spends the majority of her day napping and nursing.

 Props such as teacups that are often used to photograph kittens are simply that, a cute prop placed in a photography scene. This kitten has many months of maturing and growth ahead of her; there is simply no way she will remain this tiny as an adult.


Photo-shopped Photos

Below are just a few edited photos of kittens that are often used to fool the general public into believing there really are “Micro Persians/Cats/Kitties, when in reality all these pictures prove is “Photoshop is REAL”!

The three photos below are courtesy of Google image search.




The Persian breed has compact and dainty bodies with full luxurious coats that sweep the floor they walk upon. We have carefully produced and worked with our Persian cats to ensure their sizes remain small.

The kitten in the picture below is one of our TRUE petite Persian kittens.

A true Teacup Persian Cat

 A true Teacup Persian Kitten

Are Teacup Kittens Healthy?

Descriptive words such as “teacup,” “micro,” “mini” or “miniature” has brought so much controversy between teacup cat breeders. Many people have the mistaken idea that teacups are not healthy. It is true that some Tea Cup Persians can have health problems. A teacup Persian should be bred from a healthy line, and from a line that is specifically bred to be small. With this being the breeder’s sole priority they can be just as healthy as a traditional sized Persian cat! On average you can expect a kitten from us to live as long as 12-18+ years. Many have even exceeded well beyond that average! (The oldest we are currently aware of is 19 years old and going strong!)

Sometimes kittens will be born extra small out of a litter from regularly sized parents; a breeder might advertise this as a teacup kitten. The real reason that a kitten is little, is because they have something wrong with them that keeps them from growing to normal size. This kitten may be sick and have numerous health problems. Some may be healthy but have a shortened lifespan. This is not a true petite Persian! This is just an unhealthy kitten. This is where many people mistakenly get the idea from, that teacups are not healthy. That is why it is so important to purchase a teacup from an experienced breeder that has the knowledge to know the difference.

Our kittens are carefully watched from the moment they enter this world. Even before a kitten is born we carefully match our breeders in order to produce healthy and beautiful offspring.  We pay special attention to their overall quality; health and growth, even before being placed up for purchase on our site. We never sell a kitten with a known health problem! 

Teacup Persian Kitten

 A True Teacup Persian Kitten

Our Breeders

As a general rule, our kittens reach 2 pounds in weight by the time they are 12 weeks of age. However, each kitten is unique and will grow at his or her own rate. Each will experience growth spurts at different times. Typically our females are smaller than our males full grown, by a pound or two. This even applies to kittens within the same litter. Our estimated adult weights are based on several factors; coat color, bloodline, parents’ weights, average weights for past kittens from those parents, and of course gender. Our breeders’ weights range from 3 pounds full grown to 8 pounds. Our larger kittens for sale are listed as “Toys” rather than “Teacups”.

Please note that purchasing privileges will not be granted to customers with unrealistic expectations. We have created our site, chalked of interesting articles and beneficial information including our breeding practices. It is our hope that each customer will take the time to browse the articles that we have provided. We have tried to touch on all topics, however, if you still have questions please feel free to contact us! We will be happy to assist you.

 On a closing note, we do feel extremely confident in saying that we feel as though our cattery provides the absolute smallest AND HEALTHIEST Teacup Persian Kittens IN THE WORLD!!!

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