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Doll Face Going Extinct?

Doll Face Persians Going Extinct?

When we first started breeding Persian kittens back in 1989, there were Persian breeders everywhere. In the newspapers, all over the Internet, corkboards filled with business cards at almost every vet clinic. Even cat shows were a place to locate cat breeders. Nowadays, it has become next to impossible to find a responsible cat breeder who has been in business for longer than a few years and actually knows the lines they are working with.

Over 80% of the listings in Google are now pet scam sites leading to 3rd world country scammers who pop up real-looking websites with stolen images they have gathered from Pinterest, Youtube, and Google Photos.

We have been in business for 33 years and on the Internet for 17 of those years.

It is mind-blowing to know there are less than a dozen actual Doll Face Persian kitten breeders in The United States, and many of them have not even been in business for much over a couple of years.

Granted, running a cattery is challenging to begin with but has now become significantly harder since Covid. The airlines have shut down pet shipping services. Many of our essential supplies are becoming impossible to even get now. Finding new trustworthy bloodlines is extremely scarce now because many of the people involved are just playing around.

At this pace, Persian cats will be extinct within the next decade, at least any quality ones.

Sad times indeed, I never thought we would see these dark days.

We do plan on staying open as long as we can, but we refuse to inbreed our cats so the end may be near for us as well.


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